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NewWorldOrder Objectives Being Met By CaronaCold PanicDemic: #1 Mass Culling of the Elderly by Mandatory “Do Not Resuscitate” Orders

The Freemasonic/NewWorldOrder/Antichurch have had as their top objective for decades the reduction of the human population from its current level at just under 8 billion to between 500 million and a billion.  Yes, you read that right.  These people want to kill more than 80% of the human race, and they want to do it QUICKLY.  Their top target is the elderly precisely because the elderly are people who will expose the massive theft and shambolic nature of the so-called pension and retirement systems which were established as Ponzi schemes from the beginning, and have been totally looted for years.  It is also the elderly who were effectively bribed into voting the NewWorldOrder into power with promises of free government healthcare after the age of 65.

The Freemasonic-NewWorldOrder-Antichurch Combine  saw that their agenda was NOT progressing quickly enough, and I believe that it was, believe it or not, the Joe Biden-Bernie Sanders situation that probably helped bring this all to a head.  I think the Soros’ and Gates and the main players recognized that their two choices in the November 2020 “election” to put up against Trump were a literal card-carrying Communist and a man who is already clearly suffering from dementia and is now declining very, very fast.  I would not be the least bit surprised if it is revealed at the General Judgment that the Soros-Gates axis collaborated with China on this faux-epidemic, revolving round a seasonal chest cold virus, in order to execute as quickly as possible their grand plan to collapse the world economy, execute a massive culling of the elderly – not through any pandemic in and of itself, but rather through the totalitarian imposition of an eventual general “DO NOT RESUSCITATE” order for anyone over the age of 60 or 65.

There will also be, mark my words, a MASSIVE push for voluntary self-euthanasia targeting the elderly.  Make it illegal for the elderly to leave their homes, see their children and grandchildren, or even worship God. Well, that’s done.  Put the elderly into depression and despair, tell them that the entire world has been shut down because of THEM, in order to “protect” THEM and THEN start bombarding them with propaganda telling them how VIRTUOUS it is to commit suicide and “make room and free up resources for others – be part of the solution, not adding to the problem, because remember, this wouldn’t be necessary if it weren’t for YOU.

It also bears reminding that Antipope Bergoglio and the antichurch have been pushing the normalization and ratification of “death with dignity”, euthanasia, and the notion of soul annihilation and the denial of the existence of hell ever since Antipope Bergoglio usurped the Petrine See seven years ago.  We also see Antipope Bergoglio explicitly stating that human life is detrimental to the personified earth and that the earth and/or pagan deities, specifically the demon “Pachamama” are “angry” and “offended”.

“Death with Dignity” was only ever just the softened, introductory version of the REAL objective: “DUTY TO DIE.”

Remember, suicide, no matter how it is accomplished, is the ultimate victory for satan and the demons, and, as we discussed in the Diabolical Narcissism video lecture, it is also considered a crowning achievement among the most severe Diabolical Narcissist psychopaths.  Sometimes it is on the micro level, a DN spouse, sex partner, family member, even sometimes a “friend” or co-worker will fantasize and sometimes attempt to drive people they target to suicide through abuse and gaslighting.  And, of course, we all know that the sort of Diabolical Narcissist psychopaths that aspire to high governmental office covet total control over human life, saying who lives and who dies.

There is MUCH to blame the generation of people now between the ages of 65 and 100 for, however, just exactly as with any other group or demographic, desiring their death, and falling into the indifference that such sentiment clearly betrays, is NOT acceptable.  Remember well, INDIFFERENCE is the opposite of love/charity, and the voluntary self-purgation of love from the soul is THE DEFINITION of Diabolical Narcissism.  Like all other groups and demographics, we should be trying to CONVERT those amongst the elderly who need converting, and also the whole world.

Pray that maximum good come from this situation.

Pray for Pope Benedict XVI the one and only living Pope whether he likes it or not, the Papacy, and Holy Mother Church.

Barnhardt Podcast #106: Leave the TP, Take the Dew

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In this episode we discuss COVID-19 again and the mandatory quarantine orders spreading across Europe and the United States — along with irrational, panic shopping for the, uh, essentials of life. Another casualty of this COVID craziness is the Sacraments: many bishops are giving in to local authorities and banning the public offering of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. While an internet stream of the Mass is better than nothing, losing access to the Sacrament suggests a malicious, diabolic orchestrator behind the scenes. There are elements suggesting this is the dress rehearsal for the end times which should remind us that we never know when our personal end is and that if we’re not ready to make an account to God right this second… then we’re doing it wrong!

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Today’s Lenten Post-Communion: “…sustain us with bodily aid.”

I took every one of you who love and miss Our Lord both in the Holy Mass and His Real Presence reposed in the Tabernacle to prayer and Mass with me today.  I also made a Sacramental Communion and asked Our Lord to “multiply” His Infinite Love to all of you just as He multiplied the loaves and the fishes.

I especially loved the Wednesday of the Fourth Week of Lent Post-Communion (said as a commemoration on this Feast of the Annunciation):

Let us pray.

May the sacrament we have received, O Lord, both fill us with spiritual nourishment and sustain us with bodily aid.
Through Jesus Christ, thy Son our Lord, Who liveth and reigneth with thee, in the unity of the Holy Ghost, ever one God, world without end.
R. Amen.

Bodily aid.

And how can any of us fear anything with Gabriel on our side… and he is just an Archangel!

As I have said for many years, THIS is who I want to be when I grow up.  I want to love… LIKE THIS:

The Annunciation (detail of the Archangel Gabriel), Leonardo da Vinci, ARSH 1472, Uffizi Gallery, Florence

And I want to submit to God’s will like THIS:

The Annunciation (detail of the Blessed Virgin), Leonardo da Vinci, ARSH 1472, Uffizi Gallery, Florence

More Confirmation: High-Level Italian Official Says Only 12% of the CoronaCold Dead Have CoronaCold Listed as Cause of Death

This from the UK Telegraph.

But Prof Ricciardi added that Italy’s death rate may also appear high because of how doctors record fatalities. 

“The way in which we code deaths in our country is very generous in the sense that all the people who die in hospitals with the coronavirus are deemed to be dying of the coronavirus.

On re-evaluation by the National Institute of Health, only 12 per cent of death certificates have shown a direct causality from coronavirus, while 88 per cent of patients who have died have at least one pre-morbidity – many had two or three,” he says.

6820 (reported CoronaCold death toll in Italy) X 0.12 = 818

As I have been saying, this is a chest cold virus that gives every appearance of being less deadly than normal, seasonal influenza.

The book-cooking that Prof. Ricciardi ironically characterizes as “very generous” will go down in history as the greatest manufactured mass panic and act of economic war ever seen. One can’t help but be reminded of the “very generous” book-cooking of the banks and their asset valuations. It’s almost as if they’re using the same play book….

Pray that maximum good come from this.

Confirmed: US is also testing CADAVERS and any positive is declared a CoronaCold-19 death, no matter what.

See post immediately below for the revelation that the Italians have been cooking the numbers to maximize the terror. Italian pundits are calling it “false, unscientific, psychological terrorism”.

This from the Pittsburgh area:


The Allegheny County Health Department has confirmed a second coronavirus death in the county Tuesday.

The Allegheny County Health Department released the following statement: “It is with a great deal of sadness that we advise you that Allegheny County had a second death as a result of COVID-19. We extend our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of this individual on their loss.

This person’s positive status was not known until after the death. As this case is a Medical Examiner’s Office case, there will be additional information released by that office according to protocols. We are hopeful that the public and the media will be respectful of this family during this difficult time.

Because this is a Medical Examiner’s case, we are providing more information on this case than we would normally. This will not be our department’s standard practice.

The individual who died is a female in her late 70s. She had no recent travel but did have other health issues that may have delayed recognition of COVID-19. Medics who responded to a 9-1-1 call were wearing personal protective equipment (PPE). After reporting the symptoms to the Medical Examiner’s office, COVID-19 testing was performed [on the woman’s cadaver]. After results came back positive, the Health Department began contact tracing based on information from the family, whose members have also been placed into self-isolation. There is no further information available to the public at this time.

Moving forward, we will provide all deaths related to COVID-19 in the daily notice issued by the Health Department at 11 AM. That notice will reference a general age of the individual, and whether that person was hospitalized at the time of their death.”

As of March 24, there are 58 active cases of coronavirus in Allegheny County. Six of those are currently hospitalized.

Wait Just a Damn Minute: Italian Mortality Figures are WITH, not FROM CoronaCold-19

Cooking the books to keep people terrified, and for the economic takedown to continue apace? One can’t help but think…

Here’s a quick lesson in Italian grammar.  The preposition “with” is “con” – exactly like in Spanish.  The preposition “PER” in Italian is a workhorse that means, depending on context, “for, from, by, through”. Now, take a look at this screen cap of an Italian newspaper story from March 20th that was scrubbed almost immediately. Here is the link to the story now, edited.

“627 nuovi deceduti con coronavirus, non per coronavirus.”

627 new deaths with coronavirus, not from coronavirus.

THAT’S one hell of a precision.  Why was it edited out almost immediately?  Oh, I think we ALL know why.

Numbers are being cooked so that anyone who dies is tested, and if coronavirus is present, the person is counted as a CORONAVIRUS DEATH, even if they died from cancer, or a head injury, or… seasonal H1N1 flu.  Remember, in the U.S., in an average flu season year, 150 people die EVERY DAY from seasonal flu.  But that’s different.  That’s a different sort of dead – the sort that doesn’t matter.

Here is an Italian pundit pointing this up – of the 627 that died that day, the Italian I.S.S. (Instituto Superiore di Sanità) freely admitted that only TWELVE – 12 – a dozen – died FROM coronavirus.  The other 615 all died from something else.

“The media are reporting that today 627 people died from coronavirus.  The I.S.S. has explained that only 12 people had no other pathologies. To attribute all the deaths to the virus is not only false and unscientific. It’s more than that.  It is psychological terrorism.”

Here is the link to the LaStampa article that Sacchetti is tweeting.

Again, these are the I.S.S.’s own numbers, freely admitted.  Almost HALF of the deceased have THREE co-morbidities.  25% have two co-morbidities, the other quarter have one co-morbidity.  That leaves a TINY sliver of people who die of CoronaCold-19 with no other pre-existing morbidity.  JUST EXACTLY LIKE EVERY OTHER KIND OF FLU AND COLD.

Folks, here’s the deal.  A human body that is very weak or dying, for whatever reason, is a de facto Petri dish.  Every bug and virus can get a toe-hold BECAUSE THE PERSON’S IMMUNE SYSTEM IS NOT FUNCTIONING ANYWHERE NEAR NORMAL.  It is said of people who die of AIDS, “What did he ultimately die of? The better question is what DIDN’T he die of. Cancer. Flu. Strep. A common cold.  Take your pick.”

Think of it like throwing a hunk of ground beef out on the counter – guess what you are going to find 72 hours later.  The flesh is there as a host vector for anything and everything with no pushback from an immune system response.  Now, consider where the vast majority of these people die:  IN A HOSPITAL.  Hospitals tend to have lots of bugs and pathogens floating around, by definition.  That’s why hospitals are in a continuous battle in terms of sanitation.  Hospitals have that “hospital smell” precisely because hospitals concentrate bugs and therefore diligence requires extraordinary sanitation measures.  It’s common sense.

Now, look:  This “psychological terrorism” as the Italian pundit Cesare Sacchetti called it, is very much happening in the U.S. already.  Slip, fall, hit your head.  They will swab your body, and if CoronaCold is present in your mucous membranes, you will be called a CoronaCold victim:

This situation is essentially Jonestown, and the Kool-Aid is terror over a chest cold.

I think it is too late to stop the cascade of economic collapse and installation of totalitarianism, HOWEVER, let the record show that a few realized that the Emperor was as naked as a jaybird.

Today’s Lenten Mass Prayer Over the People Resounds With Timely Meaning… and Indictment

Prayer over the people

Let us pray.

Bow your heads to God.

Generously heed our entreaty, O Lord, we beseech You, and grant Your helpful protection to those who have been given a desire to pray.

Through Jesus Christ, thy Son our Lord, Who liveth and reigneth with thee, in the unity of the Holy Ghost, ever one God, world without end.

R. Amen.


Pornography is Eternal Suicide. Period.

Let me publicly say, ANY engagement with porn at this point should be considered suicidal – but ETERNAL suicide.  It should be considered Russian Roulette – precisely “tempting God”, the UNFORGIVABLE SIN – presuming upon God’s Mercy.

Not that is wasn’t before – it was.  ALL mortal sin is such.  But good grief – NOW.  You CANNOT BUT UNDERSTAND the stakes now.  There are no longer any excuses or pleas of ignorance.

I BEG you, do whatever you must to get away from porn.  Pray the Rosary. Get up and go scrub your shower while praying the Rosary. Go walk or jog while praying the Rosary. Go kneel before a cross, even if the cross is literally scrawled on your wall by a Sharpie.  And I’m not kidding.

Whatever you do, DO NOT enter into mortal sin.  Stay away from anything even close to porn.  Including TV shows and movies.  NOTHING.

Be assured of my prayers.  YOU CAN DO IT!  Do you know how I know? Because you were CHOSEN from all eternity by the Divine Providence to be here, now, in this moment.  Therefore, you have available to you ALL OF THE GRACES NEEDED TO BE SAVED.

You can do it, through Our Lord, by the intercession of His Immaculate Mother, Conceived without sin! YOU. CAN. DO. IT!!!!!!


I Witnessed A Living Triptych Today… Something to Rejoice Over for Laetare Sunday

I was able to hear TWO Masses this morning.  And let me make sure that you all understand that when I say “hear” I mean that I was in the line of sight of two Private Masses, in succession.  Private Masses are said at a whisper by definition.  So “hear” is a euphemism.  I was yards away from two Private Masses offered on a side altar this morning.  But, as I have said before, if you know the Mass, you can be in near-synchronicity with the priest just by sight.  YET ANOTHER MASSIVE built-in feature of the Traditional Latin Mass.

AND, the Blessed Sacrament was exposed in the Monstrance on the High Altar of the very big church I was in this morning.  So it was a sort of “quasi-Coram Sanctissimo” Mass – just awesome.  I took EVERY ONE OF YOU to Mass with me.  I spoke to Our Lord of your pain of separation, and begged Him to infuse you with every possible grace.

But what I witnessed this morning was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life.  It was a living triptych of the Church Militant. Listen:

On the High Altar is the Blessed Sacrament reposed in the Monstrance.

On the right (Epistle side) Transept Altar is the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass being offered.

In the left (Gospel side) Transept, confession is being heard.  There is a box, but the transept is also available to maintain “distance”.  It’s a BIG church.  This works.

Now here is what I eyewitnessed this morning, and it brought me to tears of Joy:

With Our Eucharistic Lord reposed in the Monstrance upon the High Altar, SIMULTANEOUSLY the Holy Sacrifice was immolated in the Host on the right Transept Altar (the immolation/Holocaust [the TRUE, SUPERLATIVE Holocaust] of the Holy Sacrifice is when the priest consumes the Host and Precious Blood in the Chalice), and at EXACTLY the same moment, a penitent, in tears, received the Absolution.  Given that the person was in tears, I think it safe to assume that the dead were raised to life in that moment.

I witnessed, today, a living triptych of the Church Militant.

I cannot comprehend how it can possibly be that I am among those chosen by the Divine Providence from all eternity to be here, now, a witness and beneficiary of these things.  Do you realize that the saints BEGGED Our Lord to be in exactly the position we are in now?  They BEGGED HIM for this.  And yet, somehow, it is us.  Not St. Benedict.  Not St. Gregory.  Not St. Catherine.  Not St. Bernard.  Not St. Pio.  But… US.  As I said, I simply cannot comprehend this.  I can only weep with gratitude.  I am incapable of any emotion right now except gratitude.  I am filled with the utmost confidence in the intercession of all the saints and Our Most Blessed Mother.  Only the Divine Providence could thread this needle.

Ladies and gentlemen – LIVE UP TO THIS MOMENT.


Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us.