I Witnessed A Living Triptych Today… Something to Rejoice Over for Laetare Sunday

I was able to hear TWO Masses this morning.  And let me make sure that you all understand that when I say “hear” I mean that I was in the line of sight of two Private Masses, in succession.  Private Masses are said at a whisper by definition.  So “hear” is a euphemism.  I was yards away from two Private Masses offered on a side altar this morning.  But, as I have said before, if you know the Mass, you can be in near-synchronicity with the priest just by sight.  YET ANOTHER MASSIVE built-in feature of the Traditional Latin Mass.

AND, the Blessed Sacrament was exposed in the Monstrance on the High Altar of the very big church I was in this morning.  So it was a sort of “quasi-Coram Sanctissimo” Mass – just awesome.  I took EVERY ONE OF YOU to Mass with me.  I spoke to Our Lord of your pain of separation, and begged Him to infuse you with every possible grace.

But what I witnessed this morning was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life.  It was a living triptych of the Church Militant. Listen:

On the High Altar is the Blessed Sacrament reposed in the Monstrance.

On the right (Epistle side) Transept Altar is the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass being offered.

In the left (Gospel side) Transept, confession is being heard.  There is a box, but the transept is also available to maintain “distance”.  It’s a BIG church.  This works.

Now here is what I eyewitnessed this morning, and it brought me to tears of Joy:

With Our Eucharistic Lord reposed in the Monstrance upon the High Altar, SIMULTANEOUSLY the Holy Sacrifice was immolated in the Host on the right Transept Altar (the immolation/Holocaust [the TRUE, SUPERLATIVE Holocaust] of the Holy Sacrifice is when the priest consumes the Host and Precious Blood in the Chalice), and at EXACTLY the same moment, a penitent, in tears, received the Absolution.  Given that the person was in tears, I think it safe to assume that the dead were raised to life in that moment.

I witnessed, today, a living triptych of the Church Militant.

I cannot comprehend how it can possibly be that I am among those chosen by the Divine Providence from all eternity to be here, now, a witness and beneficiary of these things.  Do you realize that the saints BEGGED Our Lord to be in exactly the position we are in now?  They BEGGED HIM for this.  And yet, somehow, it is us.  Not St. Benedict.  Not St. Gregory.  Not St. Catherine.  Not St. Bernard.  Not St. Pio.  But… US.  As I said, I simply cannot comprehend this.  I can only weep with gratitude.  I am incapable of any emotion right now except gratitude.  I am filled with the utmost confidence in the intercession of all the saints and Our Most Blessed Mother.  Only the Divine Providence could thread this needle.

Ladies and gentlemen – LIVE UP TO THIS MOMENT.


Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us.

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