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Saint Joseph Novena begins TODAY!

Today is the 11th, and St. Joseph’s Feast is the 19th, therefore…!

Glorious St. Joseph, foster-father and protector of Jesus Christ! To you do I raise my heart and hands to implore your powerful intercession. Please obtain for me from the kind Heart of Jesus the help and graces necessary for my spiritual and temporal welfare. I ask particularly for the grace of a happy death, and the special favor I now implore (name it).

Guardian of the Word Incarnate, I feel animated with confidence that your prayers in my behalf will be graciously heard before the throne of God.

V. O glorious St. Joseph, through the love you bear to Jesus Christ, and for the glory of His name,
R. Hear my prayers and obtain my petitions.

“A deader sort of deceased…”

Red alert! Prepare to commit mass suicide! This virus is out of control!

CDC estimates that so far this season there have been at least 34 million flu illnesses, 350,000 hospitalizations and 20,000 deaths from flu.

These numbers are SO FAR THIS YEAR through 29 February in the United States.

Of the 20,000 deaths, 136 have been children.

But… these infections (34,000,000 is fully TEN PERCENT of the TOTAL POPULATION) are… different. The 350,000 hospitalizations, those too are… different. But the most import thing to remember is the the 20,000 people who have died of H1N1 flu in the US so far this year… they are dead in a DIFFERENT SORT OF WAY. To paraphrase Procol Harum, those who die of Coronavirus are a “deader sort of deceased” than those mere plebs who die of simple H1N1 flu.

And the 136 children that have died of flu so far this year in the US? Well, let’s just call them post-natal abortions. Think how much money their parents just saved. Heck, there are probably one or two women out there right now who will be able to become successful Hollywood actresses because their child is dead and they are no longer shackled and enslaved by motherhood.

Verse 2 of Procol Harum’s “Whiter Shade of Pale”:

She said, “There is no reason,

And the truth is plain to see.”

But I wandered through my playing cards

And would not let her be

One of sixteen vestal virgins

Who were leaving for the coast

And although my eyes were open

They might just as well have been closed.

Why would a bunch of elderly faggots be terrified of a flu virus…?

The Vatican, the Italian bishops conference, and really the entire global college of bishops is comprised largely of men, mostly senior citizens, many of whom are actively homosexual and promiscuous. This is especially true in Rome. Many use male prostitutes. Per capita, it is the highest demographic concentration of elderly faggots in the world. Easily higher than Palm Springs.

I just can’t IMAGINE why such men would be terrified of a flu-like virus.

What I wouldn’t give to see the number of scrips for retroviral HIV therapies dispensed through the Vatican City pharmacy…

Oh, and if you think old men lose their libidos and are harmless, you are sorely mistaken. I was recently told of an incident within the past year in Rome in which a Curial bishop, retired out of the Vatican diplomatic corps, a notorious sodomite, invited a seminarian to dine with him at the priest residence where he lives (and is friends with no less than Battista Ricca).

The old bishop told the seminarian that he wanted to show him something up in his room after the meal, and to come up with him. The naive seminarian figured it was no problem since the bishop was so old. As soon as the bishop got the seminarian in his room, the bishop grabbed the seminarian’s penis. As in sexual assault. The seminarian literally ran out of the bishop’s room and the residence building.

Flash forward a few days. The old retired bishop sees the seminarian in the sacristy of a Rome parish, walks up to the seminarian, and with a look in his eye of total evil snarled, “I’m sorry about TRIPPING. AND. FALLING. the other night.” The seminarian knew instantly that the old bishop was telling him that if he dared say a word, that the old bishop would claim that he tripped, and that the bishop would see to it that the seminarian’s vocation would be destroyed.

This bishop, according to his Wikipedia page, is EIGHTY-THREE years old.

Age doesn’t stop sodomite predators. In fact, some of them become even more bold as they use their age as a cover.

More Lenten Daily Mass Amazingness….

Today at Mass:


Ps 26:8-9

To You my heart speaks; You my glance seeks; Your presence, o Lord, I seek. Hide not Your face from me.

Ps 26:1

The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom should I fear?

And as if THAT weren’t perfect enough…


V. The Lord be with you.

R. And with thy spirit.

Let us pray.

Mercifully help us, O Lord, to fulfill this holy observance, that by Your grace we may carry out those things which we have learned, on Your word, must be done.


“…in the churches I will bless the Lord.”

A big smile crossed my face at the Introit at Mass today:

“Redeem me, O Lord, and have pity on me; my foot stands on level ground; in the churches I will bless the Lord.

Do me justice, O Lord! for I have walked in integrity, and in the Lord I trust without wavering.”


Also, another lovely thought occurred to me today regarding God’s justice and power.

Do you remember how I have been screaming from the housetops that the Vatican Museums are basically a gay bar, that there are sodomite tour guides literally crawling all over the Vatican Museums like Orcs in the Mines of Moria, using the Vatican and SAINT PETER’S BASILICA as a hook-up spot for sodomy?

Well, folks, I am delighted to report (and I’m not kidding about being delighted) that there are now no filthy wretched sodomites polluting the halls of the Vatican Museums for the first time in many, many decades.

Liz Lev and her clique of priest-chasing pet faggots hardest hit.




(Not currently operating as a gay bar and racketeering front.)

“I baptize you in the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Red Firetruck.”

The comment thread over at Edward Pentin’s watershed piece that he published to his private website – perhaps risking his job with EWTN/National Catholic Register – is REALLY GOOD.

Some people are criticizing Ed for including quotes from Salza, et al.  Look folks, Ed Pentin is a JOURNALIST, not a pundit.  He isn’t arguing a position – he is REPORTING, like journalists USED to do.  I’m old enough to just barely remember the days of actual journalism.  Considering that there has been and continues to be a hyper-aggressive media and for-profit blogo$phere blackout on the entire question of Pope Benedict’s invalid resignation, Ed’s reportage is HUUUUUGE.  He has blown the lid off the fact that the question of Pope Benedict’s attempted partial resignation being invalid is now MAINSTREAMED in Rome.

Also, people are getting all snippy about the fact that Ed didn’t quote or link to me.  Folks, be VERY, VERY careful of ANYONE who demands “credit” in this situation.  If I die totally forgotten under a bridge (as mentally ill psychopathic ogresses like me are wont to do – wink), that doesn’t matter a whit, so long as this situation GETS RESOLVED.  As far as I’m concerned, Steve Skojec should receive massive credit for publicizing the question of the invalid resignation of Pope Benedict XVI.  He has spent years of grueling 80 hour work weeks on social media tirelessly calling attention to this situation.

My favorite comment in the Ed Pentin combox is this little nugget of truth from “Elmo”:

If a priest says “I baptize you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Red Firetruck” it doesn’t matter his intention, the baptism is invalid. Pope said ministerium instead of munus. INVALID.

Yup.  Imagine the hypothetical priest in the example above is suffering from the same sort of dementia that we are seeing from Joe Biden.  Let’s call him “Fr. Joe Dementia”.  His brain is mis-firing and random words replace what he is actually trying to say.  We would all KNOW what “Fr. Joe” MEANT to say in the context of the baptism.  But he didn’t say it, and therefore the baptism is 100% INVALID.

Fr. Joe Dementia might have said, “I baptize you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the… Thing” to keep the Joe Biden comparison pure.

Now, layer onto that the fact that in this situation, what Pope Benedict MEANT is also highly, highly debatable.  In fact, there is a mountain of evidence that Pope Benedict MEANT something completely different – “red firetruck”.

So we have Pope Benedict SAYING IPSO FACTO INVALID WORDS as the example of Fr. Joe Dementia above, but we ALSO have strong evidence that Pope Benedict “red firetrucked”:

The “always” is also a “for-ever” – there can no longer be a return to the private sphere. My decision to RESIGN THE ACTIVE EXERCISE OF THE MINISTRY does not revoke this. I do not return to private life, to a life of travel, meetings, receptions, conferences, and so on. I am not abandoning the cross, but remaining in a new way at the side of the crucified Lord. I no longer bear the POWER OF OFFICE FOR THE **GOVERNANCE** OF THE CHURCH, but in the service of prayer I remain, so to speak, in the enclosure of Saint Peter. Saint Benedict, whose name I bear as Pope, will be a great example for me in this. He showed us the way for a life which, whether active or passive, is completely given over to the work of God.

Oh SH*T!! 26 million already infected! 14,000 already dead!!

As of mid-February ARSH 2020, influenza had infected 26,000,000 human beings in the US since the beginning of this flu season in September ARSH 2019. I’d call that “contagious”, as flu has always been. Hence the oft-used phrase, “it’s going around.”

14,000 souls have died of the flu in the US this season as of mid-February.

Source link from, of all places, CNN here.

So, I guess it doesn’t matter THAT people die, it’s which virus they die from.

What a truly bizarre form of snobbery.

“Grandma and three other people from her assisted living community died, but it wasn’t Corona, so… no biggie. Just normal déclassé flu. Whatever.”

Folks, are we seeing the luciferian gaslighting manipulation here? Are we seeing the absolutely bizarre double standard?

Just pointing that out….

Mailbag: A Lawyer Checks In


With regard to the recent Edward Pentin piece, something stood out to me that I believe will be the next Trad/Novus Ordo Inc. failed strategy to try and cover up the obvious in order to avoid any revenue and prestige disruptions as you mention. That is, they will make satisfying their own standard of proof impossible. 

I suspect the next major Trad/Novus Ordo Inc. line of attack was contained in Roberto De Mattei’s statement in the article: 

Until then, De Mattei believes Catholics have every right to resist what they see as problems with this pontificate, but they must consider Francis “a legitimate Pope, until proven otherwise.

“To deny this fact, express doubts, clues or hypotheses are not enough,” he said. “Sure proof is needed, shared by an authoritative portion of the Catholic world. This does not seem to me to be the case, at least until today.”

Notice the sleight of hand here? He shifts the burden onto the laity to provide “sure proof” (is that beyond a reasonable doubt, preponderance of the evidence, 100% certainty, what?) that Benedict is actually the Pope and not Bergoglio and then adds on the additional requirement that an “authoritative portion” (whatever that is) of the Catholic world must agree. Is any of that in canon law? How much evidence, how much proof will these people require from the average pew sitter like myself before they will admit Benedict attempted an illegal, and invalid resignation that is void ab initio? 

Why do we have the burden of proof and not Bergoglio or Trad/Novus Ordo Inc.? Is it because John Salza says the resignation is just like an externally valid marriage, and the Church doesn’t “judge internals”? Oh wait, Canon 188 specifically makes Benedict’s “internals” relevant since it assumes there was some type of external manifestation of a resignation in the first place. Why don’t THEY voluntarily assume the burden of proof to show Benedict’s resignation passed the Canon 188 test? Answer: because they can’t prove it, and all the available evidence shows Benedict intended to split the active and contemplative components of the office and resigned in substantial error. 

Any civil lawyer will tell you (and Chris Ferrara and those others lawyers know this very well), the first and most important thing for a court to determine before deciding any issue is WHO has the burden of proof, and WHAT is that burden. It can make or break the outcome of a case. Nothing can be decided without first addressing that. Watch out for this. 

X, esq.

Calling Bee-Ess with objective data: Guess how many people have died of influenza in Italy by year?

The Truth will set you free.

As Italy, which is and has been used for years as a “mini-America” test market, is committing literal economic suicide as we speak.

As this is being written, after “two weeks” (but it is probably considerably longer) of “infection”, there are 233 souls dead, almost all of whom were over the age of 80, and in a state of pre-existing morbidity (in bad shape).

Now, check out this Italian data, easily found by an English web search, of how many people died of influenza in Italy in the four flu seasons from ARSH 2013-ARSH 2017. Brace yourself to feel like you’re being played like a fiddle:

Italian influenza deaths by year:

2013-2014 season: 7027 dead of flu in Italy

2014-2015 season: 20,259 dead of flu in Italy

2015-2016 season: 15,801 dead of flu in Italy

2016-2017 season: 24,981 dead of flu in Italy

HERE is the source paper.

Now, bear in mind that flu season is roughly “winter”, so Dec-April.

Also, the population of Italy is 60 million. The US is 330+ million. So call it “one fifth”.

Questions: why has there not been panic and economic suicide every year due to influenza? Why is THIS different?

(Cough, Freemasonic media, government and Antichurch, cough, they’re growing impatient because they know their cashless one world gov-church bullshit jig is almost up, cough)

How much fear do I have of this, being thousands of feet from an official hospital handling it?

Well, being that I’m not an octogenarian chain smoker or already with stage-4 cancer, ZERO POINT ZERO ZERO.

Why would I be? Given the Italian statistics, the only way this is different than normal seasonal flu is that it is considerably LESS severe.

Bottom line, satan has convinced Christendom, fallen, to commit economic suicide. No actual, real plagues needed. Just gaslighting. And he’s laughing his ass off.

Satan and Diabolical Narcissists consider driving a person to suicide to be the ultimate rush, victory and proof of their elite power over others. That is exactly what is going on here on a macro level. And if you’re angry with me for pointing this out, take it to Our Lord in the Tabernacle and figure out why.

Tell a friend.