Oh SH*T!! 26 million already infected! 14,000 already dead!!

As of mid-February ARSH 2020, influenza had infected 26,000,000 human beings in the US since the beginning of this flu season in September ARSH 2019. I’d call that “contagious”, as flu has always been. Hence the oft-used phrase, “it’s going around.”

14,000 souls have died of the flu in the US this season as of mid-February.

Source link from, of all places, CNN here.

So, I guess it doesn’t matter THAT people die, it’s which virus they die from.

What a truly bizarre form of snobbery.

“Grandma and three other people from her assisted living community died, but it wasn’t Corona, so… no biggie. Just normal déclassé flu. Whatever.”

Folks, are we seeing the luciferian gaslighting manipulation here? Are we seeing the absolutely bizarre double standard?

Just pointing that out….

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