Why would a bunch of elderly faggots be terrified of a flu virus…?

The Vatican, the Italian bishops conference, and really the entire global college of bishops is comprised largely of men, mostly senior citizens, many of whom are actively homosexual and promiscuous. This is especially true in Rome. Many use male prostitutes. Per capita, it is the highest demographic concentration of elderly faggots in the world. Easily higher than Palm Springs.

I just can’t IMAGINE why such men would be terrified of a flu-like virus.

What I wouldn’t give to see the number of scrips for retroviral HIV therapies dispensed through the Vatican City pharmacy…

Oh, and if you think old men lose their libidos and are harmless, you are sorely mistaken. I was recently told of an incident within the past year in Rome in which a Curial bishop, retired out of the Vatican diplomatic corps, a notorious sodomite, invited a seminarian to dine with him at the priest residence where he lives (and is friends with no less than Battista Ricca).

The old bishop told the seminarian that he wanted to show him something up in his room after the meal, and to come up with him. The naive seminarian figured it was no problem since the bishop was so old. As soon as the bishop got the seminarian in his room, the bishop grabbed the seminarian’s penis. As in sexual assault. The seminarian literally ran out of the bishop’s room and the residence building.

Flash forward a few days. The old retired bishop sees the seminarian in the sacristy of a Rome parish, walks up to the seminarian, and with a look in his eye of total evil snarled, “I’m sorry about TRIPPING. AND. FALLING. the other night.” The seminarian knew instantly that the old bishop was telling him that if he dared say a word, that the old bishop would claim that he tripped, and that the bishop would see to it that the seminarian’s vocation would be destroyed.

This bishop, according to his Wikipedia page, is EIGHTY-THREE years old.

Age doesn’t stop sodomite predators. In fact, some of them become even more bold as they use their age as a cover.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.