Calling Bee-Ess with objective data: Guess how many people have died of influenza in Italy by year?

The Truth will set you free.

As Italy, which is and has been used for years as a “mini-America” test market, is committing literal economic suicide as we speak.

As this is being written, after “two weeks” (but it is probably considerably longer) of “infection”, there are 233 souls dead, almost all of whom were over the age of 80, and in a state of pre-existing morbidity (in bad shape).

Now, check out this Italian data, easily found by an English web search, of how many people died of influenza in Italy in the four flu seasons from ARSH 2013-ARSH 2017. Brace yourself to feel like you’re being played like a fiddle:

Italian influenza deaths by year:

2013-2014 season: 7027 dead of flu in Italy

2014-2015 season: 20,259 dead of flu in Italy

2015-2016 season: 15,801 dead of flu in Italy

2016-2017 season: 24,981 dead of flu in Italy

HERE is the source paper.

Now, bear in mind that flu season is roughly “winter”, so Dec-April.

Also, the population of Italy is 60 million. The US is 330+ million. So call it “one fifth”.

Questions: why has there not been panic and economic suicide every year due to influenza? Why is THIS different?

(Cough, Freemasonic media, government and Antichurch, cough, they’re growing impatient because they know their cashless one world gov-church bullshit jig is almost up, cough)

How much fear do I have of this, being thousands of feet from an official hospital handling it?

Well, being that I’m not an octogenarian chain smoker or already with stage-4 cancer, ZERO POINT ZERO ZERO.

Why would I be? Given the Italian statistics, the only way this is different than normal seasonal flu is that it is considerably LESS severe.

Bottom line, satan has convinced Christendom, fallen, to commit economic suicide. No actual, real plagues needed. Just gaslighting. And he’s laughing his ass off.

Satan and Diabolical Narcissists consider driving a person to suicide to be the ultimate rush, victory and proof of their elite power over others. That is exactly what is going on here on a macro level. And if you’re angry with me for pointing this out, take it to Our Lord in the Tabernacle and figure out why.

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