Italian Demographics… a race to the bottom with Japan.

The vast, vast majority of the deceased and critically ill in Italy are OVER THE AGE OF 80, with pre-existing morbidity.

Let’s think about what has happened in Italian culture in the past 80 years.

How many siblings does the average Italian 80+ year old person have?  In other words, what size family did that generation come from?  Answer: 6 children on the low end, 14+ on the upper end.  Families with 14 children were not at all rare in the 1920s and 1930s in Italy.  The same goes for Catholic Germany, which carried over into the Catholic immigrant populations in the US.  If you don’t believe me, peruse the obituaries in Ellis and Trego County, Kansas to this day.  Big-time German Catholic country.  Most of those folks, born in the 1920s, 30s and 40s came from families of at least 8 children, with many families having 14+ children.

Now, how many children did the NEXT generation – the “Baby Boomers” have?  2-4 children, tops.  Ozzie and Harriet Nelson and Ward and June Cleaver were not suffering from clinical infertility.  That generation CHOSE to have 2 children.

Now, how many children have Italians been having in the “Generation X” and forward generations?  0 or 1.

Italy is the poster-child for widespread apostasy and the resulting contraceptive culture.  Total demographic implosion.  Super-top-heavy age-wise, far worse than the US.  I think perhaps only Japan is worse demographically.  Never before in human history has a population gone from 6+ children to 1 child as fast as as happened in the post-Christian West.  Never.

Also, I would also be FASCINATED to see the stats regarding the RACIAL PROFILE of the Northern Italian ill and deceased.  There is and has been a sizable East Asian population in Northern Italy that has worked in the garment and shoe manufacturing industries there for decades.  But, of course, even asking such a question is raaayyyycissss!!

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