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Answering the Question: Why Has Christ Permitted the Bergoglian Antipapacy?

I am inundated with emails from people who just a few short years ago would have described their faith as strong, solid and even unshakable – people for whom the thought of ever, ever losing their faith or questioning or doubting in even the slightest way the Church, and even Our Lord Himself, specifically His love for us, was all but impossible. We’re talking daily Tridentine Mass-goers. Daily Rosary prayers. All because of the Bergoglian antipapacy.

First, realizing that Jorge Cardinal Bergoglio, S.J. is, in fact, an antipope, and not the Vicar of Christ, is a tremendous consolation in and of itself. Thank God for Canon Law. Thank God for Archbishop Georg Ganswein spilling the beans on Pope Benedict’s ontological error with regards to the papacy at the Gregorian University in Rome in May of ARSH 2016. Thank God for the Miller dissertation and all of the other mountain of evidence and stunning visibility of everything.

But still the fact of the scandal of Bergoglio remains. Souls are being scandalized unto eternal damnation by this most wicked and malignant of antipopes, many of whom are the immediate family members – children and spouses – of the remnant faithful. Yes, yes, we can see that technically, legally, Bergoglio does not besmirch the papacy, and yet the damage his is doing is so profound that it will, in all likelihood, drive the Remnant Church into the catacombs. Why is Our Lord permitting this? Why doesn’t He rise up?

The answer lies in His Love and His Mercy.

Everyone agrees that the Bergoglian antipapcy is a scourge, a castigation. Rorate Caeli published a very widely-read piece on this very recently. I myself have been posting this famous quotation from St. John Eudes for YEARS, although in truncated form. Here is the full quote:

‘THE MOST EVIDENT MARK of God’s anger and the most terrible castigation He can inflict upon the world are manifested when He permits His people to fall into the hands of clerics’ who are priests more in name than in deed, priests who practice the cruelty of ravening wolves rather than the charity and affection of devoted shepherds.

Instead of nourishing those committed to their care, they rend and devour them brutally. Instead of leading their people to God, they drag Christian souls into hell in their train. Instead of being the salt of the earth and the light of the world, they are its innocuous poison and its murky darkness.

St. Gregory the Great says that priests and pastors will stand condemned before God as the murderers of any souls lost through neglect or silence. Tot occidimus, quot ad mortem ire tepidi et tacentes videmus. Elsewhere St. Gregory asserts that nothing more angers God than to see those whom He set aside for the correction of others, give bad example by a wicked and depraved life.’

Instead of preventing offenses against His Majesty, such priests become themselves the first to persecute Him, they lose their zeal for the salvation of souls and think only of following their own inclinations. Their affections go no farther than earthly things, they eagerly bask in the empty praises of men, using their sacred ministry to serve their ambitions, they abandon the things of God to devote themselves to the things of the world, and in their saintly calling of holiness, they spend their time in profane and worldly pursuits.

When God permits such things, it is a very positive proof that He is thoroughly angry with His people, and is visiting His most dreadful anger upon them. That is why He cries unceasingly to Christians, “Return, 0 ye revolting children . . . and I will give you pastors according to my own heart” (Jer. 3, 14-15). Thus, irregularities in the lives of priests constitute a scourge visited upon the people in consequence of sin.’

-St. John Eudes, ‘The Priest: His Dignity and Obligations’

So if we all agree with St. John Eudes that Bergoglio is a scourge on us, that is, God’s PEOPLE, the first question we must ask ourselves is WHAT EXACTLY it is that we have done to deserve this? Then, once we have determined that, we must – MUST – stop doing that, and, presumably do the opposite.

What I would submit is the great crime against God committed by His People over the past 50 years is our SILENCE – our passive, impotent, effeminate acceptance of the profound violence done against Him, His Church, and His Liturgy. We, our parents, our grandparents, our great-grandparents, sat in silence and watched as sodomites turned the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass into a neo-pagan low-rent cruise ship floorshow. Our response was either the silence of apostasy, as more than 90% of Catholics in the West simply stopped going to Mass, or the silence of tacitly accepting the obvious abuse and overt hostility toward Our Lord and His Church by diabolically narcissistic sex perverts and their truly pathetic, co-dependent hangers-on. The collapse of our culture, the abortion, the ascendancy of sexual perversion, the evanescence of genuine masculinity, the collapse of the Rule of Law – all of these things are DERIVATIVE of the destruction of the Liturgy, a destruction that we sat, wallowing in our collective effeminacy, and watched.

So my question is this: If we all agree that it has been precisely our inaction over the past 50 years that has brought down this scourge upon us, how can it possibly, possibly make sense that the proper response to the Bergoglian antipapacy is MORE SILENCE? MORE RETREAT? MORE SHOULDER-SHRUGGING? MORE FATALISM? MORE EFFEMINACY? MORE INDIFFERENCE? MORE IMPOTENT WHINING AND HAND WRINGING?

And that brings us, somewhat paradoxically, to Our Lord’s incomprehensible Love for us, and His Mercy.

The reason Our Lord is letting the Bergoglian Antipapacy happen, is because He is giving us ONE. LAST. CHANCE to cease the very crime we have committed against Him for lo these 50 years, one last chance to come to His defense. One last chance to shake off our effeminacy and instead rise up in virility and fight for Him.

As I have been desperately trying to convey for years, a “personal relationship with Jesus Christ” is utterly, utterly essential. Our Lord is a PERSON. He loves us PERSONALLY. He is not a philosophy, a political ideology, a legal matrix or an abstraction of any kind. He is a PERSON who not only who loves us, but perhaps even more incomprehensibly, wants to be LOVED BY US. As we have learned in our ongoing study of Diabolical Narcissism, DN humans, and their demonic analogues in the angelic plane, are those who refuse to either love, or BE LOVED. God, obviously being the “infinite opposite” of diabolical, loves and desires to be loved.

Why does God come to us in the Eucharist? Why does He condescend to change a humble piece of bread into His physical substance? Why does He allow Himself to be called down onto the altar by a man – a priest? Why does he allow Himself – His physical substance – to be reposed inside of all of those tabernacles? Why does He expose Himself to possible desecration all day every day all over the world?

He makes Himself so incredibly vulnerable so that WE CAN TAKE CARE OF HIM. He leaves Himself wide open and exposed so that we can be good and loving TO HIM. He who provides and gives us everything, even gives us the ability to give back to Him. He who guards, defends and protects us, gives us the ability to guard, defend and protect Him. He who has given us the beauty of the stars and galaxies, the mountains, the sea, the plants and animals, has given us the ability to give Him the beauty of our architecture, our works of art, and our music.

And most especially, He who stepped into the breach and fought and conquered sin and death for us, the perfect act of chivalry, borne of perfect virility, borne of perfect, infinite love, gives us the chance to DEFEND HIM, to confront and combat His enemies. He intentionally remains passive – for a time – precisely so that we may rush to HIS AID. Why? Because He knows that in doing this – doing the right thing – we will be truly happy.

This is what we have failed to do, and what we are being given one last chance to do now, in these dark days. Just as he gave Peter the three-fold chance to unwind his three-fold denial, which Peter jumped at and did with tears from the shore of the Sea of Tiberias all the way to his cross on the Vatican Hill with the words “Agapo-se”, “I love you” on his lips, so now we are being given the chance to “unwind” our silent betrayal. Turning our backs on Him and retiring to our diversions and navel-gazing distractions – and that is what they are, distractions from the pangs of our consciences as we fail, YET AGAIN, to stand and defend our Beloved Savior, and the souls that Our Beloved God loves – will never, ever provide genuine happiness. It can only ever provide a prolongation of earthly, sensual comfort. Turning our backs on Our Lord, telling ourselves the lie that objective reality, truth itself, is unknowable, and even if known, far too risky or costly to speak in anything but the most hushed tones amongst the right company, as He is attacked by an axis of sodomites, Freemasons, Modernists and satanists with a dimwitted arch-heresiarch squatter paraded before them as their ringleader, is more of the same malfeasance that brought this scourge down upon us in the first place.

I had occasion to have a truly disheartening conversation with a priest involving the display and selling of pornographic materials, in a location where children pass every day. He used the metaphor of the Titanic to make his point, namely that the ship is going down, and that it is futile, and even smacks of pride, to think that I or anyone else can do anything to correct the situation – that any efforts we make to resist the onslaught of evil is “rearranging deck chairs while the band plays on.”

I have been a bit of a Titanic buff since 1986 when the wreck was discovered, and what immediately sprang to my mind was the following, which answers the question, “What should we do in the face of inevitable catastrophe?”

On board the Titanic were numerous uber-wealthy passengers and titans of industry. One was the billionaire Benjamin Guggenheim, who was on board with his mistress. Guggenheim, upon learning that the ship was going down, took his mistress and her maid up to the deck and put them in a lifeboat. He then went back to his cabin whereupon he and his valet put on their finest eveningwear, went back to the foyer of the Grand Staircase, reposed themselves in deck chairs, and sat, sipping brandy and smoking cigars, until they died.

Also on board for the maiden voyage was J. Bruce Ismay, the owner of the White Star Line, essentially the owner of the Titanic. Upon consulting with Thomas Andrews, the naval architect who designed the Titanic and oversaw its construction at the Harland & Wolff shipyards in Belfast who was also onboard for the maiden voyage, and knowing that the ship was doomed, Ismay immediately went up to the lifeboat decks and began urgently pleading with incredulous passengers to get into the lifeboats. Many passengers refused, refusing to believe that the Titanic was going to sink. Ismay used his authority and credibility as the owner of the White Star Line to convince people to board lifeboats. He stayed on deck until the very end, and in the final moments of the great barque, saw and was encouraged to jump into a collapsible lifeboat. Ismay survived, and despite his heroic efforts on deck, was destroyed in the press for not going down with the ship – largely by his enemy, newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst. But Guggenheim, after seeing only to his mistress and her maid, retired to two hours of self-absorbed and self-satisfied sensual decadence and naval-gazing as he waited to die, apparently indifferent to the other 2200 souls aboard, and was hailed as a hero.

The analogy here is clear. Yes, the Titanic is going down. Barring a supernatural intervention – which is possible – the Barque of Peter as we have known it is going down. With the Titanic it was a matter of infiltration of water. With the Church, it is a matter of the infiltration of Communists, Modernists, sodomites and satanists. It will no longer be the majestic “Titanic”, and will be reduced to only the lifeboats. But lifeboats are barques too – just smaller, and less comfortable.

We MUST warn others. We MUST tell them the truth of the situation so that they understand the enormity of what is happening, and so that they will get into the lifeboats and be saved. We MUST tell them that to follow Antipope Bergoglio is to reject Christ and embrace the spirit of Antichrist. And we must keep doing this until the very end. The good news is that on the Barque of Peter, as with the Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes, there is an infinite supply of lifeboats. Launch one, and another appears. So long as there are souls waiting to board a lifeboat, GOD WILL PROVIDE. But we are players in this. If we take the Guggenheim route, the route of fatalism, souls will be lost that could have been saved, and, in all likelihood, we will be lost ourselves, because failure in charity – indifference – so often manifests as a sin of omission.

Finally, and with great sadness, it must be said that the statement “We have the pope that we deserve,” is indeed true. We have a pope who has been saturated in bad theology and bad philosophy. We have a pope who is intimately tied to the failed Vatican II Council. We have a pope who is weak, and who, like the hirelings, has abandoned the sheep and fled from the wolves. Yes, we most assuredly have the pope we deserve: Joseph Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI. Pray for Pope Benedict, and pray for Bergoglio, that he repents, reverts to Catholicism, dies in the state of grace and achieves the Beatific Vision.

Speaking of photos…

I am acquainted with a priest that stayed, years ago, in the Residenza Paolo VI on the Via della Scrofa (just north of Piazza Navona) in Rome while Bergoglio was also there for quite a span of time.

It is confirmed that THIS is an accurate reflection of what the future Antipope (and likely False Prophet Forerunner of the Antichrist) looked like, glowering in the dining room, day in and day out.

Bergoglio is a psychopath, described by his OWN JESUIT superior general, Kolvenbach, as a “sociopath” in the required dossier of any priest nominated for the episcopacy when Bergoglio was first nominated to be elevated to the episcopacy in the early 1990s.

That’s right. Even the arch-liberal heretic Jesuit Kolvenbach was warning Rome of Bergoglio’s evil insanity. To no avail. JPII was addicted and thus blinded to the money wielded by the Freemasons and the Legionaries. But, I think we all know that that statement is largely a distinction without a difference in functional terms. Satanic money-and-sex cults are all under the same preternatural hierarchy.

But, of course, NOT EVEN THIS is what makes Bergoglio an Antipope. What makes Bergoglio an Antipope is the Canonical invalidity (twelve ways from Sunday) of Pope Benedict’s attempted partial abdication.

-Invalid resignation means NO RESIGNATION. (Canons 188 and 332.2)

-No valid resignation means no vacant See.

-No vacant See means no valid conclave. (Canon 359)

-Invalid conclaves do nothing but vomit forth totally invalid antipopes. Obviously, “universal acceptance” ONLY applies to a LEGALLY, CANONICALLY VALID election. Duh.

THIS is just… informative. And another aspect of the VISIBILITY of all of this. Bear in mind, the rest of the world is fooled by Antipope Bergoglio’s toothy grin. They call him “the smiling Pope”. But the truth is VISIBLE for all who care to look and see.

Pray for Pope Benedict, the Papacy, and Holy Mother Church!

Saint Michael the Archangel, guardian angel of the reigning Pontiff Pope Benedict, pray for him, and for us!

Another odd little “Visibility” tidbit from ARSH 2014. “This gift is from the Pope. But this other one is from Jorge Bergoglio.”

Not anything that by itself is any kind of smoking gun. But, it is yet another tidbit to add to the dataset under the header of “weird things he has said.”

“This gift is from the Pope. But this other one is from Jorge Bergoglio.”


This is from Barry’s visit in ARSH 2014. I totally missed this at the time. Time stamp is 01:37 so you can be spared the sight of John Kerry.

If Belief in the Primacy, Universal Jurisdiction and Supernatural Negative Protection of Infallibility of the Pope is Idolatry, then EVERY PERSON in this film is guilty of Mortal Sin, Including Pope Pius XII Himself.

To believe that every Catholic for nearly 2000 years has been guilty of the mortal sin of idolatry vis a vis the Pope, and that only now Trad Inc. has liberated the Church from error, is the epitome of hubris.

“Look at the TIARA!  What does he think he is, some sort of a monarch or something?

Look at those ignoramus RUBES cheering the Pope like he is something unique.  Papolatrous morons!

Look at him putting the zucchetto on his head as if he were anything special.”

Apparently some great debate is alight regarding my physical beauty. We laff. We laff HARD.

Thank you, folks, for your kind words.

For the record, I think I’m pretty average, but paint-up okay, but I am absolutely delighted at how well I am aging (I’m an October ’76 vintage.) I clearly inherited my skin from the paternal side of my Tree. No crows feet yet!! I have about six grey hairs, which made their debut last year, but again, I’m delighted because my maternal Tree was prematurely grey. And hey, I wear hats, so six grey hairs are exactly zero issue.

I do have good teeth, whose straightening took over a decade (again from the paternal side, horrific inherited malocclusion) and I am diligent in keeping them white, largely because my smile is by far the most prominent feature of my countenance. Also, I remember well what a dental hygienist said to me when I was a youngling: “Oh, you don’t have to floss ALL of your teeth every day – just the ones you want to keep.” Indeed. I LIKE having teeth. I’m keen to keep them all.

My only current physical critique is the “emergency wine” I am carrying. But one of the benefits of dressing modestly is that you can totally cover your “emergency wine” WITHIN REASON.

The one and only thing I miss about being “rich” is having a personal trainer. And mine was one of the best. His name was “Rich”, he was a legit bodybuilder, and his biceps were literally bigger than my waist (at the time). And just a prince of a man. A family man. Total class. It was like working out with my cousin.

But otherwise, don’t worry about me, folks. I’m gunning for the Beatific Vision, and in heaven all of the saved are all beautiful beyond comprehension. I’m at my most beautiful, at least in Our Lord’s eyes, when I make a good confession – not when I’m ripped and wearing a fierce hat. In the hour of my death, may I possess TRUE beauty: The beauty of the Baptismal Garment. That is all I ask. It’s the fruit of the 4th Glorious Mystery.

Critiques and even insults of one’s physical beauty or lack thereof are salutary in that they should inspire a healthy humility AND a desire to go to confession and “beautify” one’s interior, and “bleach” one’s baptismal garment.

Hail Mary, full of grace, Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the Fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

Sticky Post: Ann’s First Paperback Book of Collected Essays Now Available

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Essays include: “How We Are the Gold”, “Jesus Christ: Economist”, “Mark of the Beast Explained”, “Notes for Apres la Guerre, Parts 1 and 2”, “Defense Spending and Shadow Welfare”, “How Justice Demands Inequality”, and “The Marxist-Capitalist Spectral Doughnut”.

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Mailbag: A correction and warning about SCRUPULOSITY

Dear Miss Barnhardt,

Your mention of the term “scrupulous” in your post Mailbag: An Interesting Gastrointestinal Physiology Meditation got me thinking. You described people possibly calling you scrupulous for advocating longer Eucharistic fasts, and said you’d own it. Longer Eucharistic fasting out of love for Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament is NOT an example of scrupulosity as written of by St. Alphonsus Liguori, and is not something that should be gladly owned. I write not to correct you, but because I thought if you ever wanted to say something about real scrupulosity, it might do a lot of people a lot of good.

Real scrupulosity is constant fear that one has committed a mortal sin without knowing it. (Notice the contradiction? “Without knowing it” vis a vis “Full knowledge and consent.”) It includes the fear that all one’s confessions were invalid and all one’s communions sacrilegious, and that one incurs the guilt of every sin, even interior ones, committed by anyone around oneself, because one did not admonish them sufficiently. It brings with it frequent temptations to despair. It’s considered to be a religious form of OCD, but I don’t know anything about that. On the matter of Eucharistic fasting, a scrupulous person will often think that if he accidentally swallows a bit of skin from his lips, or even post-nasal drip, he has broken the fast and must not receive. This may be a relief because he had been worried that he shouldn’t receive anyway and now has a reason not to without being positive he’s in mortal sin.

I had never written about it on the internet because the opposite wrong attitude, presumption of God’s mercy, is prevalent nowadays. But lately I’ve wondered if the devil might be using it as a flanking attack in these dark times. Trads are the folks it would be most likely to arise among, and I’ve recently seen some comments on Trad sites saying “If you want to feel better/be happy, go to confession” which can be a very harmful idea if taken to imply that if you go to confession and don’t feel better, it didn’t work.

The debate over whether one can attend Novus Ordo Mass would be a hotbed for scrupulous temptations, since by some (incorrect) arguments it seems to posit a dilemma of mortal sin on both alternatives. Taylor Marshall’s tweet about committing schism if one doubts the validity of Bergoglio’s supposed papacy and attends Mass where he is commemorated is an almost perfect trap for a scrupulous person, with the “Good luck” being especially cruel. Scrupulosity is all about the feeling that one is trapped into mortal sin whichever way one turns and there is no possible escape.

What a scrupulous person absolutely must remember is that one’s feelings are not the arbiter of reality and that God truly, with infinite Love, wants us to reach Heaven; He is not trying to trap us into Hell. The following quote from the Prayer after Confession found in the 1962 Roman Missal may also be helpful:

“Supply also, by Thy mercy, whatever defects have been in this my confession, and give me grace to be now and always a true penitent.” Hearing Bergoglio and his ilk spread their false version of mercy can tempt one to dismiss the idea of God’s mercy altogether, and a lack of trust in God’s true mercy is precisely what scrupulosity is.

Thank you for your writing.

Yours in Christ,


Mailbag: A Bonzer Youngling Sheila Checks In

Dear Ann,

My name is A and I am writing to you after listening to your last podcast, wherein you talked about the average age of your listeners. Well, at the age of 25, I’m happy to say that I’m one of your younger listeners! I have actually been reading your blog since 2011, when your Koran-burning video went viral. I was 17 and in high school when I came by it through my mother, who received it in a chain email. I have to say that I couldn’t believe what I saw! Having been raised in an irreligious family by politically left-leaning parents, I was just fascinated to see that someone dared speak out against islam (at the time, I too thought of islam as just another religion like Christianity). So, completely captivated, I jumped onto your website and started reading your blog posts, and I’ve stayed ever since. Of course, at first, I thought you were absolutely crazy (especially after I read your thoughts on women’s suffrage!) but over time, I was won over by your clear and logical explanations. Through your posts, I also started to gain an interest in Catholicism. At that time, I was a baptised Catholic, but in name only. My family did not attend church. So, from that point on, I did a lot of research on Catholicism, and went on to read the Bible from cover to cover. By the time I moved to Australia to attend university, I was a full-on Catholic, who couldn’t wait to attend her first Latin Mass.

Now I am pleased to say that I am married to a wonderful and traditional Catholic man, and together we have a little baby girl. We are also part of a great Catholic community who work together to fight for good (currently, we are protesting against an extreme abortion bill in New South Wales, Australia). I don’t think that any of this would have happened if you hadn’t filmed that crazy video of yours with the Big Shock Factor! I am almost certain that I would have come to university and gobbled up the leftist garbage, and who knows what would have become of me! I definitely owe you a very tardy thank you for inspiring me to question modern thought and opening my mind up to different ideas.

I still enjoy your content very much, though now primarily through your podcasts, which are easy to listen to while I balance my daily tasks of caring for a baby, keeping a house, and studying part-time. So, I implore you to keep up the great work and know that you have made huge differences in people’s lives through your work.

God bless you!

With love and gratitude,


Mailbag: Putting away the things of a child

The following letter came across the transom from a listener to Barnhardt Podcast #092:

Howdy Ann,

Early in the last show you were discussing the average age of your listeners skewing towards the older end of the spectrum, and that you’d like to hear from any young listeners/readers that you have, especially regarding their media habits.

I’ve been a fan of your content since about the age of 18, when i was still making the journey from baptized paganry to true-blue Catholicism. You were an important part of that conversion and I’d like to thank you. Now I am a 20 year-old married man with one baby girl on the way, thanks be to God.

Regarding media usage, I’ve certainly cut down in the past years, following your recommendation to ditch social media and TV, and whittling away at my video game time as well. Frankly, I never liked social media in the first place, as I’ve always been quite the nerd and never had many friends, so I suppose that makes me a bit of an outlier. However, video games have been my long-standing media struggle since I was a kid. Specifically, fantasy role-playing games where you take the role of a knight or wizard or what have you, have always provided a sense of security and escapism to me. When I was a youngling it was about ignoring a world where I wasn’t well-liked, but now that I’m an adult it seems like an escape from the horrors of the modern world itself. It’s a constant struggle to make good use of my time, but with the help of the Rosary and the Sacraments it’s something I’ve slowly been overcoming. I’m not sure how common this particular video game pathology is, but those are my two-cents on the media question anyway. Thank you for having Masses offered for everyone and fighting the good fight, and I hope we can meet in heavenly glory some day.

Best Regards,

A Young Fan

What an outstanding and encouraging letter.  Bravo to “Young Fan” for realizing that his video game habit is problematic.  Let me offer a bit of tough love in order to give “Young Fan” something to chew on:

Young Fan, you are a husband and father now.  You are a man, not a child, and certainly not that modern monstrosity, the “man-child”.  Escapism, game-playing, and certainly the deplorable wasting of time is no longer acceptable.  Speaking as a woman, even though I have never been married, let me assure you with complete certainty that for your wife, and eventually your children, the sight of you sitting, zombie-like, staring blankly into a gaming screen will be the OPPOSITE OF ADMIRABLE.  Frankly, for a young father, a young Christian man to flee from reality and his responsibilities as a man, of which ENGAGING AND INTERACTING WITH YOUR FAMILY AT OR NEAR THE TOP OF THE LIST, is pathetic, and the epitome of effeminacy. I think you know this already.

If your video games are on a gaming console, THROW THE ENTIRE CONSOLE AWAY.  I’m not joking.  Put the damn thing in the trash where it belongs.

If your games are on your PC or laptop, delete them and throw away any physical software media.

When I quit television in February ARSH 2009, I went cold turkey.  It is the best way to do it.  Just end it.  “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.”

This decision will make a massive, massive difference not only in your marriage, but also in the lives of your children.  Think of the HOURS and HOURS and HOURS that you will spend being present to your family as the head of the household, and the head of your marriage – conversations and adventures that you will have with your wife and kids that WILL NOT HAPPEN if you continue to “game”, and in doing things that help you to advance in sanctity, such as reading, outdoor activities, keeping physically fit, developing hobbies and skills, developing in-person friendships with other men and families, and, of course, prayer.

You can do it. Be assured of our prayers for you, your wife, your baby daughter in the oven, and all of your children yet-to-come.  Be ADMIRABLE: admirable to your wife, and admirable to your children.

Don’t fantasize about being a great man: ACTUALLY BE A GREAT MAN.

I’ll conclude with St. Paul in his first letter to the Corinthians:

Quando autem factus sum vir, evacuavi quae erant parvuli.

But, when I became a man, I put away the things of a child.