If Belief in the Primacy, Universal Jurisdiction and Supernatural Negative Protection of Infallibility of the Pope is Idolatry, then EVERY PERSON in this film is guilty of Mortal Sin, Including Pope Pius XII Himself.

To believe that every Catholic for nearly 2000 years has been guilty of the mortal sin of idolatry vis a vis the Pope, and that only now Trad Inc. has liberated the Church from error, is the epitome of hubris.

“Look at the TIARA!  What does he think he is, some sort of a monarch or something?

Look at those ignoramus RUBES cheering the Pope like he is something unique.  Papolatrous morons!

Look at him putting the zucchetto on his head as if he were anything special.”

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.