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Quick Review of Terms: Celibacy, Chastity, Continence

Celibacy is to not be married, which must now be explained to be between one human male and one human female.

Chastity is to not sin with regards to sex, both inside and outside of marriage.

Continence is to not engage in the marital embrace.

Sodomite priests often snarkily claim that they are not breaking their vows of celibacy because they are not married, and that sodomy is therefore licit for them. They often say this to their victims when they are grooming them. “The only vow I took was to not marry a woman. No problem! Eeew!”

Chaste sodomy” is an ontological impossibility, as is “homosexual marriage” (pseudogamy).

The only way for a celibate to be chaste is to not engage in any genital activity whatsoever. Period. No spouse, no sex.

Married couples are called to chastity by only engaging in licit sex with each other which is open to the transmission of life. Sexually active married couples should be and are expected to be chaste.

Continence is to not engage in the marital embrace. Married couples can together choose to be continent, either for a phase or season, or perpetually.

All of the Apostles except St. John were almost certainly married, but upon being ordained priests and bishops by Our Lord immediately entered into perfect perpetual continence with their wives. Thus only St. John was celibate, but all of the Apostles were chaste and continent.

All married priests were understood to be perfectly and perpetually continent. It went without saying, because it was obvious that a man who offered the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass was espoused to Christ and His Church. It is a testament to how far gone a culture is that clerical continence is not instantly understood and naturally assumed with married priests and deacons, and even elicits rage when mentioned.

These terms, especially “celibacy“, are misused today almost as a rule across the board. Words have meaning and are not interchangeable. We should use these words correctly ourselves, and charitably correct others when they misuse them.

The VISIBILITY of it continues to astound: “The Pope likes him.”

Across the transom.  An EXCELLENT catch.

Dear Ann,

Keep up the good work. Re: BiP, I saw this bit ( from Maike Hickson at LSN from the same interview where Bergoglio expressed his happiness at being attacked by Americans. When asked about Cdl Müller’s (oblique) criticisms of him,
‘Pope Francis’ is reported to have answered: “He has good intentions, he is a good man. The Pope likes him. But he is like a child.” ‘

(I checked the original German at and the translation is sound. Moreover the German reporter prefaces the quote by writing “Francis said verbatim…”)


What a good catch.  Antipope Bergoglio here is referring to Pope Benedict Ratzinger, who appointed his fellow German, and personal friend, to head the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in ARSH 2012, the post which Joseph Ratzinger held before becoming Pope in ARSH 2005.

“The Pope likes him.”

Yep. The Pope does like him. The Antipope, however, hates him and fired him because as head of the CDF which is tasked with investigating sexual misconduct allegations, Müller was digging into Antipope Bergoglio’s sodomite predator buddies and wasn’t willing to “play ball” to Antipope Bergoglio’s satisfaction.  So, Antipope Bergoglio fired Müller and installed the unctuous Jezwit Luis Ladaria, who was himself indicted in France for covering up the sexual assault of children by sodomites, but has avoided trial by Bergoglio claiming diplomatic immunity for his sodomite heretic lapdog, Ladaria.

Yet another glaring, and frankly AWESOME example of how even the enemies of Christ and His Holy Church proclaim the truth.  The High Priest Caiaphas declared Christ’s divinity when he said, “Neither do you consider that it is expedient for you that one man should die for the people, and that the whole nation perish not.” Pontius Pilate declared Christ’s Kingship when he wrote “Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews” on the crucifixion placard, and refused to change it when asked by the Jews to add “…who says he is…”  Pilate’s reply echoed throughout all time: “What I have written, I have written.”

In this case, even Antipope Bergoglio calls Pope Benedict THE POPE.

Just another datum in a massive, massive visible dataset. Great catch, E.  Danke schoen!

Pray for Pope Benedict XVI, the Papacy, and Holy Mother Church.

Our Lady, Mother of Priests….

Our Lady, Mother of Priests, we beg your intercession.

Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, 
that never was it known that anyone who fled to your protection, 
implored your help, or sought your intercession, 
was left unaided. 
Inspired by this confidence, 
I fly unto you, O Virgin of virgins, my Mother. 
To you do I come, before you I stand, sinful and sorrowful. 
O Mother of the Word Incarnate, 
despise not my petitions, 
but in your mercy, hear and answer me.

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us, on Your priests, and on Your Holy Church.

Every one of them.

Antipope Bergoglio Has Already Verbally Ratified Non-Priests Offering Fake Masses. But If You Question the Circumstances of February ARSH 2013, You Are a “Stupid Schismatic”.

Ordination, schmordination. Priesthood, schmriesthood. Validity, schmalidity.

It seems that Antipope Bergoglio has already given the green light to non-priests offering totally invalid non-Masses.

And, voilá, you’ve got yourself an actual ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION.

And he shall confirm the covenant with many, in one week: and in the half of the week the victim and the sacrifice shall fall: and there shall be in the temple the abomination of desolation: and the desolation shall continue even to the consummation, and to the end.
Daniel 9: 27

And arms shall stand on his part, and they shall defile the sanctuary of strength, and shall take away the continual sacrifice, and they shall place there the abomination unto desolation. And such as deal wickedly against the covenant shall deceitfully dissemble: but the people that know their God shall prevail and succeed.
Daniel 11: 31-32

And from the time when the continual sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination unto desolation shall be set up, there shall be a thousand two hundred ninety days.
Daniel 12: 11

If we look up the term “Abomination of Desolation”, we quickly discover that this term has also been translated from the Hebrew in the book of Daniel to … wait for it … DESOLATING SACRILEGE.

I can’t think of a more precise example of an act of SACRILEGE that renders DESOLATION (a state of complete emptiness or destruction) than having men not ordained to the priesthood ape the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, thus yielding NO CONSECRATION, and IDOLATRY.

And remember, every Saint, every Father and Doctor of the Church, an infallible Ecumenical Council, absolutely EVERYONE has been ALL WRONG about the Papacy for nearly 2000 years.  No need to check your base premise of WHO the Pope is and is not.  Nah.  Every one of those papolatrous morons were ALL WRONG, and 21st century Bible shysters, shiftless layabout for-profit “bloggers” and a Prelature consisting almost entirely of Flying Monkeyfags, that’s your holy braintrust and they got it right – INFALLIBLY. So, shut up, Stupid Schismatic!

Revelation 13: 2, second look?

Pray for Pope Benedict XVI, the Papacy, and Holy Mother Church.

Nativity of the Blessed Virgin: The Counter to Today’s Despair Merchants

Before Mass yesterday, I read the Mass of the Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin, which is fixed on September 8, but as a Second Class feast didn’t trump the Sunday (Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost).  But, the Nativity of the BVM was commemorated, and the Collect, Secret and Postcommunion added.

What struck me most was the little instructional blurb in the missal.  It began thusly:

“At the time of Mary’s birth the whole world was plunged in darkness.  The heathen nations were steeped in vice and pride.  The Jews, beloved of God, had strayed from Him.  Everywhere there was sin and gloom, no bright spot on the face of the earth.  But when Mary was born a light arose amid the darkness: the dawn of a glorious day that was to usher in the Redeemer.”

I receive emails from folks who are clearly being scandalized by the Trad Inc. despair merchants, who are seeing the slip-sliding down the slope of apostasy into the sucking maw of damnation with the loud demands that others agree with them and join them.

Nothing is going to happen. God isn’t going to intervene.  You’re an infant if you think there is any way out of this.  We’ve been all wrong about LOTS of things, first and foremost the Papacy.  Thank God for Francis showing us how wrong we’ve been for the past 2000 years about the Papacy, the Church, and about God Himself, and His so-called “promises”.  

I look at this poisonous rhetoric and think to myself, “Have these people never actually read the Bible?” Can these people not see that they are engaging in exactly the same faithlessness as the Jews who rejected Christ because he wasn’t at the head of an early army come to expel the Romans?  Exactly like the Jews in the desert who after being led out of Egypt via the greatest physical miracle yet seen (the parting of the Red Sea), and then led through the desert by the Pillar of Cloud by day and Flame by night, miraculously fed with the Bisquick from Heaven, couldn’t make that golden calf fast enough as soon as Moses disappeared up the mountain?

The Blessed Virgin was born approximately thirteen to sixteen years before the Incarnation.  And before that, the incomprehensible workings of the Divine Providence laid out the entire First Act of Salvation History – ALL WHILE FULLY RESPECTING THE FREE WILL OF EVERY HUMAN BEING.  It isn’t just that Divine Providence does what He does in isolation.  The absolute jaw-dropper is that the Divine Providence does what He does WHILE RESPECTING THE FREE WILL OF MAN.  And we see it on every single page of Scripture.  God manifests in BOTH Omnipotence AND Love working in perfect harmony to bring about whatever He wants, how He wants it, when He wants it, but never encroaching upon man’s free will as a rational intellect, made by God in His image and likeness.

I view these dark days as similar to those thirteen to sixteen years wherein the Blessed Virgin was already born, and the wheels very, very, very much in motion, but totally hidden.   Remember, the Blessed Virgin, like all women, was born with every egg in her ovaries fully formed, which means, of course, that the egg that would be miraculously fertilized by the Holy Ghost was already on earth for sixteen years before the Annunciation and Incarnation occurred, waiting in hidden silence for consummation.

We keep fighting the infiltrators, we keep sounding the warning and alerting people to the Bergoglian Antipapacy, we keep explaining that which is visible and explainable – which a shocking amount is.  We do this because TRUTH is the best weapon against scandal.  EXPLAIN what is going on, even if it is absolutely horrific, and once people understand and have an accurate view of the battle space, not only will they NOT be scandalized, they will be EDIFIED and want to JOIN THE CHURCH MILITANT and JOIN THE FIGHT.

You will know them by their fruits: Doubt, Sloth, Effeminacy, Acedia, Despair, Wrath, Blasphemy, Indifference, Heresy, Apostasy.

Steer well clear of anyone who peddles in these truly toxic spiritual commodities.

Infant Mary, pray for us, for Pope Benedict, the Papacy and Holy Mother Church!

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us!

“Men Blaspheme Whatever They Do Not Understand….”

Across the transom from a Barnhardt Benefactor Mass priest:


I trust in the Lord that you are well. Keep the Faith.

I am sending this for your quick perusal. The paragraph numbering [46] is from Yves Dupont’s Catholic Prophecy. This section is taken from prophecy of the Venerable Bartholomew Holzhauser (Born in the 17th century, in Germany) and concerns what he calls the 5th period of the Church which, he says, began circa 1520 and continues into the present. According to Mr. Dupont the Church would now be in the latter part of this 5th period. I pick it up at 46.4 and draw your attention to the deleterious effect on the Church of ‘Bible Lawyers’ and Canonists in para 46.7, and the failure of the Bishops in para 46.8

46.4 “Are we not to fear, during this period, that the Mo­hammedans will come again, working out their sinister schemes against the Latin Church?

46.5 “During this period, many men will abuse of the freedom of conscience conceded to them. It is of such men that Jude, the Apostle, spoke when he said: ‘These men blas­pheme whatever they do not understand; and they corrupt whatever they know naturally as irrational animals do… They feast together without restraint, feeding themselves, grumbling murmurers, walking according to their lusts; their mouth speaketh proud things, they admire people for the sake of gain; they bring about division, sensual men, having not the Spirit.’

46.6 “During this unhappy period, there will be laxity in divine and human precepts. Discipline will suffer. The Holy Canons will be completely disregarded, and the Clergy will not respect the laws of the Church. Everyone will be carried away and led to believe and to do what he fancies, according to the manner of the flesh.

46.7 “They will ridicule Christian simplicity: they will call it folly and nonsense, but they will have the highest regard for advanced knowledge, and for the skill by which the axioms of the law, the precepts of morality, the Holy Canons and religious dogmas are clouded by senseless questions and elaborate arguments. As a result, no principle at all, however holy, authentic, ancient, and certain it may be, will remain free of censure, criticism, false interpretations, modification and delimitation by man.

46.8 “These are evil times, a century full of dangers and calamities. Heresy is everywhere, and the followers of heresy are in power almost everywhere. Bishops, prelates, and priests say that they are doing their duty, that they are vigilant, and that they live as befits their state in life. In like manner, there­fore, they all seek excuses. But God will permit a great evil against His Church: Heretics and tyrants will come suddenly and unexpectedly; they will break into the Church while bishops, prelates, and priests are asleep. They will enter Italy and lay Rome waste; they will burn down the churches and destroy everything.

Barnhardt Podcast #091: Predominantly Pell-Mell

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In this episode we discuss the nomination of new Cardinals, the recently upheld conviction of Cardinal Pell by some Kangaroo Court, the SCA (not the Scottish Canoe Association), and whether ’tis nobler to be excommunicated by the false church or suffer the slings and arrows of heresy, apostasy, and schism while seeking one’s salvation in fear and trembling. And GO TO CONFESSION, even if it’s during Mass!

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TOLDYA: Antipope Bergoglio’s New #1 Pet Fag NOW MADE A CARDINAL: José Tolentino Mendonça – and yes, ++Zuppi is a GINORMOUS, Notorious Flamer

(This from August ARSH 2018. Mendonça and Zuppi were announced today as Cardinal designates in the next consistory. But no Ricca. Catfight in Santa Marta tonight, gurls!)

The person who runs the Rorate Caeli twitter account is, once again, playing “I’ve got a secret.” Look, if you have something to say, say it.  Otherwise, shut up and stay out of the way.  These “I know something and I’m gonna tell everyone I know something, but I won’t say WHAT I know” games are so narcissistic. If you’re going to fight, fight like a man.  Spare us these catty games.

The person being referenced by Rorate Caeli as a “recent appointment of Pope Francis to a high Vatican position known widely by the hierarchy and informed laity of his European country as a promiscuous practicing homosexual of such scandalous repute that it led to his exile from his diocese of origin” is:

José Tolentino Mendonça

Antipope Bergoglio, lovin’ to surround himself with fags, as any red-blooded, God-fearing, heterosexual man does (/sarcasm), just appointed the odious faggot Mendonça the head of the Vatican Library and Archives.  With this promotion, Mendonça was elevated and made a titular Archbishop just a few days ago – July 28th.

Mendonça is an open, active, highly promiscuous sodomite and HUGE “LGBT” activist.  Mendonça’s wretched life of open, sacriligious sodomy was so bad that the people in his hometown of Madeira, Portugal drove him out of town on a rail.

But wait.  It gets even worse.

This past February, guess who Antipope Bergoglio chose to be the preacher and “spiritual guide” at his 2018 “papal” Lenten Retreat – a HUGE feather in the cap and clear endorsement?

Yup.  The radical “LGBT” activist, José Tolentino Mendonça.  Now Antipope Bergoglio has followed through and brought his new favorite faggot lapdog to be close to him in Rome.

LifeSite News had full reportage of this when it happened in February, but it got lost in the news cycle, or just ignored, as most everything is anymore.

Here are just a few highlights of Mendonça’s open, militant, satanic agenda:

Jesus didn’t leave any rules or laws to mankind:

“Teresa Forcades i Vila reminds of that which is essential: that Jesus of Nazareth did not codify, nor did he establish rules…”

“It’s necessary that the doctrinal narrative understands itself to be more of a reading than a writing, more like a voyage than a place, because the memory that transports is not reducible to a legal code, a vision, something automatic…”

Mendonça is a huge advocate of the satanic witch masquerading as a nun, Teresa Forcades, who aggreesively pushes for ratification of sodomy, sodomite faux-marriage, trafficking and selling children to sodomites under the guise of “adoption”, female ordination, abortion, and everything else evil and unholy.

With the odious faggot Tucho Fernandez (author of the now legendary tome, “Heal Me With Your Mouth: The Art of Kissing“) now ensconced back in Argentina, Bergoglio needs a new ghostwriter (and naughty tickle fight partner?), and it is obvious that this execrable demoniac Mendonça is the new “it boy”.  If you read any quotes from Mendonça, he is a master of the nauseating jargon and buzzwords that the Antichurch speaks.  His rhetoric and prose is even more vomitous than Fernandez’.

So, journalists need to contact people in the diocese of Funchal, Madeira, Portugal where Mendonça was driven out for sodomitical activity years ago and find out exactly what Mendonça was doing, namely if he was doing boys.  Also, Mendonça was the rector of the Portuguese College in Rome for years, and had access and power over all of the Portuguese and Brazilian seminarians studying in Rome for years. (UPDATE*** The Pontifical Portuguese College in Rome houses almost entirely already-ordained priests who are working on graduate degrees in Rome.***)  You KNOW that there are all manner of #CatholicMeToo stories to be told about Mendonça there.  Then, this flaming dumpster fire of satanic sodomy needs to be dropped at Antipope Bergoglio’s feet.

What did Jorge Bergoglio know about José Tolentino Mendonça and when did he know it?

Tickle, tickle!