TOLDYA: Antipope Bergoglio’s New #1 Pet Fag NOW MADE A CARDINAL: José Tolentino Mendonça – and yes, ++Zuppi is a GINORMOUS, Notorious Flamer

(This from August ARSH 2018. Mendonça and Zuppi were announced today as Cardinal designates in the next consistory. But no Ricca. Catfight in Santa Marta tonight, gurls!)

The person who runs the Rorate Caeli twitter account is, once again, playing “I’ve got a secret.” Look, if you have something to say, say it.  Otherwise, shut up and stay out of the way.  These “I know something and I’m gonna tell everyone I know something, but I won’t say WHAT I know” games are so narcissistic. If you’re going to fight, fight like a man.  Spare us these catty games.

The person being referenced by Rorate Caeli as a “recent appointment of Pope Francis to a high Vatican position known widely by the hierarchy and informed laity of his European country as a promiscuous practicing homosexual of such scandalous repute that it led to his exile from his diocese of origin” is:

José Tolentino Mendonça

Antipope Bergoglio, lovin’ to surround himself with fags, as any red-blooded, God-fearing, heterosexual man does (/sarcasm), just appointed the odious faggot Mendonça the head of the Vatican Library and Archives.  With this promotion, Mendonça was elevated and made a titular Archbishop just a few days ago – July 28th.

Mendonça is an open, active, highly promiscuous sodomite and HUGE “LGBT” activist.  Mendonça’s wretched life of open, sacriligious sodomy was so bad that the people in his hometown of Madeira, Portugal drove him out of town on a rail.

But wait.  It gets even worse.

This past February, guess who Antipope Bergoglio chose to be the preacher and “spiritual guide” at his 2018 “papal” Lenten Retreat – a HUGE feather in the cap and clear endorsement?

Yup.  The radical “LGBT” activist, José Tolentino Mendonça.  Now Antipope Bergoglio has followed through and brought his new favorite faggot lapdog to be close to him in Rome.

LifeSite News had full reportage of this when it happened in February, but it got lost in the news cycle, or just ignored, as most everything is anymore.

Here are just a few highlights of Mendonça’s open, militant, satanic agenda:

Jesus didn’t leave any rules or laws to mankind:

“Teresa Forcades i Vila reminds of that which is essential: that Jesus of Nazareth did not codify, nor did he establish rules…”

“It’s necessary that the doctrinal narrative understands itself to be more of a reading than a writing, more like a voyage than a place, because the memory that transports is not reducible to a legal code, a vision, something automatic…”

Mendonça is a huge advocate of the satanic witch masquerading as a nun, Teresa Forcades, who aggreesively pushes for ratification of sodomy, sodomite faux-marriage, trafficking and selling children to sodomites under the guise of “adoption”, female ordination, abortion, and everything else evil and unholy.

With the odious faggot Tucho Fernandez (author of the now legendary tome, “Heal Me With Your Mouth: The Art of Kissing“) now ensconced back in Argentina, Bergoglio needs a new ghostwriter (and naughty tickle fight partner?), and it is obvious that this execrable demoniac Mendonça is the new “it boy”.  If you read any quotes from Mendonça, he is a master of the nauseating jargon and buzzwords that the Antichurch speaks.  His rhetoric and prose is even more vomitous than Fernandez’.

So, journalists need to contact people in the diocese of Funchal, Madeira, Portugal where Mendonça was driven out for sodomitical activity years ago and find out exactly what Mendonça was doing, namely if he was doing boys.  Also, Mendonça was the rector of the Portuguese College in Rome for years, and had access and power over all of the Portuguese and Brazilian seminarians studying in Rome for years. (UPDATE*** The Pontifical Portuguese College in Rome houses almost entirely already-ordained priests who are working on graduate degrees in Rome.***)  You KNOW that there are all manner of #CatholicMeToo stories to be told about Mendonça there.  Then, this flaming dumpster fire of satanic sodomy needs to be dropped at Antipope Bergoglio’s feet.

What did Jorge Bergoglio know about José Tolentino Mendonça and when did he know it?

Tickle, tickle!

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