Speaking of photos…

I am acquainted with a priest that stayed, years ago, in the Residenza Paolo VI on the Via della Scrofa (just north of Piazza Navona) in Rome while Bergoglio was also there for quite a span of time.

It is confirmed that THIS is an accurate reflection of what the future Antipope (and likely False Prophet Forerunner of the Antichrist) looked like, glowering in the dining room, day in and day out.

Bergoglio is a psychopath, described by his OWN JESUIT superior general, Kolvenbach, as a “sociopath” in the required dossier of any priest nominated for the episcopacy when Bergoglio was first nominated to be elevated to the episcopacy in the early 1990s.

That’s right. Even the arch-liberal heretic Jesuit Kolvenbach was warning Rome of Bergoglio’s evil insanity. To no avail. JPII was addicted and thus blinded to the money wielded by the Freemasons and the Legionaries. But, I think we all know that that statement is largely a distinction without a difference in functional terms. Satanic money-and-sex cults are all under the same preternatural hierarchy.

But, of course, NOT EVEN THIS is what makes Bergoglio an Antipope. What makes Bergoglio an Antipope is the Canonical invalidity (twelve ways from Sunday) of Pope Benedict’s attempted partial abdication.

-Invalid resignation means NO RESIGNATION. (Canons 188 and 332.2)

-No valid resignation means no vacant See.

-No vacant See means no valid conclave. (Canon 359)

-Invalid conclaves do nothing but vomit forth totally invalid antipopes. Obviously, “universal acceptance” ONLY applies to a LEGALLY, CANONICALLY VALID election. Duh.

THIS is just… informative. And another aspect of the VISIBILITY of all of this. Bear in mind, the rest of the world is fooled by Antipope Bergoglio’s toothy grin. They call him “the smiling Pope”. But the truth is VISIBLE for all who care to look and see.

Pray for Pope Benedict, the Papacy, and Holy Mother Church!

Saint Michael the Archangel, guardian angel of the reigning Pontiff Pope Benedict, pray for him, and for us!

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