Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week are Rogation Days – wherein Nurse Claire reminds us that since the Freemasonic NWO has declared open war on the food supply, praying for “a good harvest” now carries a whole new meaning.

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Nurse Claire Says

Minor Rogation days – praying for our food

Posted by Nurse Claire

According to the traditions of the Church, the three days preceding Ascension Thursday (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday THIS week) are minor rogation days (the major day is April 25 – also the feast of St Mark).   The Church instituted these days of prayer and fasting in order to appease God’s Justice for man’s transgressions, ask protection in calamities, and PRAY FOR A BOUNTIFUL HARVEST.  Given the assaults on our food chain, I want to focus on this opportunity to implore God’s assistance.

I’m sure I don’t need to remind this readership about all the globalist threats to our food supply.  The diabolical practices of Big Food and Big Ag have violated God’s creation; widespread chronic health problems stemming from these grotesque practices could even be considered a chastisement.

Let us pray to appease God’s anger towards these abuses, for His protection against ongoing calamities, and that we receive the blessing of a bountiful (and healthy) harvest….

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.