The Parable of St. Athanasius Driving a D8 Caterpillar

Today is the Feast of St. Athanasius!

I was originally inspired to post this visual metaphor by the big “Letter” posted and signed by 19 people accusing Antipope Bergoglio of being a heretic a while back. Well, duh, of course he is. But he isn’t now nor has he ever been the Pope, so the whole exercise is built on a false premise. The Venn Diagram of the raging psycho heretic Jorge Bergoglio and the Papacy have zero overlap. Zero.

We love action.  There’s no doubt about that.  But here’s the problem.  The BASE PREMISE from which any action proceeds MUST BE TRUE.  Truth is the foundation, and out of Truth proceeds Charity.  Out of Charity proceeds works.  In order for these actions or works to be effective, they MUST proceed out of the TRUTH.  If acts proceed out of a charity built upon a false base premise, the acts will not only never get any real traction, but they will generally lead to more chaos, which yields despair after a while, as we are seeing.

You all have noticed that all of these initiatives never accomplish anything, right?  It isn’t because there is “nothing we can do”.  The problem is that these actions are like a two wheel drive 1981 Isuzu pickup stuck in the mud. No matter how much you mash the throttle, you’re never getting any traction.  In fact, the wheel-spinning just digs the wheels into the mud deeper.  You can even get 19 of your friends to push, but they can’t get any traction in the slick mud of error, so it just turns into a big, muddy cluster-bungle.  Pretty soon the 19 friends either start fighting with each other in their frustration over their inability to accomplish anything, or they just walk off in despair calling the whole thing futile.

But the man whose works proceed out of a charity built upon the TRUTH is like the driver of a D8 Caterpillar. The mud doesn’t even faze the D8.  Its tracks move over mud with complete security. The D8 is the master of the mud.  The mud is moved away by the D8, and the mud has nothing to say about it.  And while the 1981 2WD Isuzu is being pushed to no effect by 19 men, one man alone, let’s call him ATHANASIUS, can sit in the cab of the D8 and maneuver the big yellow behemoth literally with his fingertips.  Alone.  The TRUTH gives him that power, because the Truth is Our Lord Himself.

Pope Benedict XVI’s attempted partial abdication and “fundamental transformation” of the Papacy, something he and the entire German theological academy had been discussing AD NAUSEUM since the 1960s (you HAVE READ J. Michael Miller’s ARSH 1979 dissertation, “The Divine Right of the Papacy in Recent Ecumenical Theology”, RIIIIGHT?), into a “collegial, synodal ministry/function” along the lines of “active governance of the Church” and “prayerful contemplative” lines was SUBSTANTIALLY ERRONEOUS, and thus per Canon 188 backed up by Canon 332.2 was INVALID BY THE LAW ITSELF, and thus Pope Benedict XVI, despite his attempt to kinda-sorta-but-not-completely quit, never stopped being the one and only Pope, and remained so until his death on 31 December, ARSH 2022.

As we all know well, ERROR HAS NO RIGHTS, including substantial errors made by a Pope in the context of an attempted resignation.  Rights are a claim given ultimately by God, and God has no error in Him, nor ever can have error in Him.  Therefore, to say that the Pope, or even more laughably the College of Cardinals, or College of Bishops in toto, can give RIGHTS to ERROR, even a Papal error, is to put both the Pope himself and – wait for it – the College of Cardinals ABOVE GOD (never mind Canon Law!).  We have the word Papolatry, now we’re going to have to coin “Episcopalatry” and “Cardinalatry”.

Well, folks.  The D8’s idling, and there’s mud to push, and I’ve got a spring in my step, a bee in my bonnet, and a bat in my belfry, so keep a close eye on this space.

Keep your chin up, go to Mass as often as you possibly can, pray the Rosary, and if the priests where you are STILL commemorate “Fwanciss” at the Te Igitur, consider asking Our Lord to give you any temporal punishment, if any, that your priest might be incurring by commemorating an Antipope, as I started doing a while back, in imitation of Our Lord in the Garden. “Oddly”, doing this makes assisting at a Mass at which Antipope Bergoglio might still be erroneously commemorated even more awesome and profitable, and enflames tremendous compassion toward priests today, so many of whom are frightened, confused and internally conflicted by the Bergoglian Antipapacy.

And thanks to one and all, truly, for the incredible continuing support, both financial (which never ceases to gobsmack me) and with your truly kind emails of edification and encouragement, and assurances of prayer.  Folks, if I make it to the Beatific Vision, we’re going to have one HECK of a party in whatever room I get in the Celestial Mansion.  I’m talking the super-fancy truffle baloney and ALL the smelly cheeses – classy.  I hope it has a mini-fridge!  And I’m going to let Our Lord bring the wine.  Word is He has excellent taste.

St. Athanasius, contra mundum, pray for us!

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us, and on Your Holy Catholic Church, outside of which there is no salvation.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.