Jihadist Was A Fag! Also, Water Wet! Sun Rises in East!

Ready to listen now?  Ready to grapple with the hideous reality of the situation? Because I’m ready to explain the whole islam and faggotry thing, if you’re ready to listen.

First, here is my presentation from ARSH 2011, “Islamic Sexuality: A Survey of Evil”, in which I describe in sick, sordid detail how the islamic culture is just one big hairball of sexual perversion – most especially the fact that most of the men are FAGGOTS.

As with my Diabolical Narcissism video, you would be doing the world a solid if you copied and mirrored this.  The more versions there are, the harder it is to censor. THERE IS NO COPYRIGHT CONCERN ON ANY OF MY VIDEOS.  And YouTube scrubbed the original from my channel YEARS ago.

As I suspected from the very, very beginning, and alluded to in the “When Bad People Get Murdered By Other Bad People…” post, Orlando Jihad Boy was a stone-cold fag.

How did I know? What were my clues?

Well, he was a musloid.  So that’s numero uno.

Second, he was Afghani.  So, the assumption is that not only was he a fag, but so is his daddy, who probably raped his own son throughout his childhood. Boy rape and adult faggotry is NORMATIVE in Afghani culture.  I cover Bacha Bazi (boy sex auctions – as popular in Afghanistan as NFL Football is in the former U.S.) in the video above at length.

So let’s take what we have learned so far about Diabolical Narcissism and tie everything about Orlando together, because only when understood in light of Diabolical Narcissism does any of it make sense – and then it all makes PERFECT sense.

First, islam is the most effective system on earth, even surpassing Communism and the other Marxist milieus, for creating Diabolical Narcissists.  Islam, being a satanic political system masquerading as a religion, with the driving force behind it (N.P.I.) being supernatural – that is, satan and the demons – exists to make human beings into DNs. Islam’s primary function is to purge all love from the hearts of those under its jackboot, making them into loveless automatons, mercenaries of hell capable of only anger, hatred, jealousy and fear.  Islamic culture is the quintessence of the Alpha-Beta dynamic, with a micro-oligarchy above (imams and recently super-rich oil sheiks), and a MASSIVE Beta underclass below.  As a DIRECT COROLLARY, islamic culture is THE MOST SEXUALLY PERVERTED CULTURE on the planet.  The men are all fags, pedophiles, goat humpers, dead body humpers, and transvestites.  Faggotry is EVERYWHERE.  I posted a quote I heard recently: “I’ve never met a gay Arab – but I’ve never met a straight one either.” It’s funny because it’s TRUE.

Just ask anyone who has served a tour of duty anywhere in the musloid world.  They will tell you the same thing:  THEY’RE ALL FAGS.  In Iraq, MPs complained about the number one challenge in the detention facilities being KEEPING THE MALE INMATES OFF OF EACH OTHER.  In Afghanistan, our Boys in Uniform are being driven into PTSD and suicide because they are ordered to TURN A BLIND EYE TO CHILD RAPE.  How many of our servicemen have walked up on one of their Afghani “allies” ass-raping a little boy, and then been ordered to ignore it, and then just a few minutes later have to “train” and “mentor” the very man they just saw ASS RAPING A LITTLE BOY?

You want to know why these guys come home psycho-spiritually cacked, and eventually blow their own brains out?  It’s because of the soul-crushing, despair-inducing scandal of that – not combat trauma.

And this applies to the female population too.  Most of the women have had clitorectomies, AND were sexually abused as children.  Remember, sexual perversion is derivative of Diabolical Narcissism, so most sex perverts will abuse both sexes if given the chance.  So, the females become DN too as a result of the sex abuse, and as will be the topic of an upcoming essay, because women are literally built by God to love, when a woman goes DN, the results are often even more cruel and more vicious than a DN man – which is saying something indeed.  Have you noticed how most suicide bombings involve a woman – usually the MOTHER – egging her own child on into committing murder-suicide?  Have you not noticed how most of these “honor killings” are egged on, if not explicitly ordered by a woman, again, usually the mother of the victim? Do you realize that it is the mother who holds down the daughter to have her clitoris cut off with a razor blade?  Yeah. When women go DN, it is the worst.

So, now to the confusion and hand-wringing over Orlando Jihadfag “killing his own”.  Yeah.  They all do this.  We see the near-daily reports of ISIS and other musloids throwing fags off of buildings and the like.  Well, sure.  It’s exactly like the Nazis.  The high-level Nazis, including Mr. Hitler himself, were all super-pervy fags.  They were into drag, boys (what do you think the Hitler Youth was about?) and Hitler himself was into perverse sex acts involving bodily waste.  The origins of the Nazi Party and the SA especially, were in the homosexual underworld.  If you haven’t read “The Pink Swastika” , do so now.

Fags hate fags.  Fags kill fags. What do you expect?  As we have already learned, sexual perversion is derivative of Diabolical Narcissism.  DNs are capable, by their own free choice, of only anger, hatred, jealousy and fear.  As we pinned down in the post about Hell and the Damned, the damned hate each other, most especially those that cooperated, enabled or didn’t warn them about their sin.  So, as we discussed, those guilty of sexual sins, if they end up damned, will spend eternity in close proximity to those that they engaged in those sins with, and will hate them for eternally for it.

Look folks, these sodomite sex clubs like Pulse aren’t pubs where people go to hang and and talk.  These places exist and are designed to facilitate and enable SODOMITICAL SEX ACTS.  Orlando Jihadfag was a regular at this place.  He had probably had sex with some of the other sodomites that were there that night.  Like I said, it was an image of hell on earth – the damned hating the damned, the people who cooperated in their sin.  Anger. Hatred. And Fear.  Fear that they could expose him.  Of course he hated them and wanted to kill them.  Of course ISIS throws fags off of buildings.  Of course the Nazis killed Ernst Rohm and the SA on The Night of the Long Knives in ’34, and of course they rounded up fags and sent them to the camps.  OF COURSE THEY DID.  What else would you expect?  What part of “hearts utterly devoid of love” are we not understanding?

Remember, a hallmark trait of DNs, and a pillar of islam, is LYING.  Mendacity.  In islam it is called “taqiyyah”.  Lying is specifically ratified “so long as it is in service to a goal”.  Well, isn’t it always?  The koran calls “allah” not just a deceiver, but THE BEST AND GREATEST DECEIVER. Over and over and over again.  As an aside, whenever any dumbass heretical priest or bishop blasphemes about allah being “the same God we worship”, the fact that the Catholic Church teaches as infallible dogma that God can neither deceive nor be deceived should be rubbed in their faces until they either shut up or repent of their blasphemy.  The father of lies is satan.

The reason I bring this up is HYPOCRISY.  Yes, this whole dynamic with regards to islam and fags is about as hypocritical as it gets.  And hypocrisy is a subset of MENDACITY, or lying, as St. Thomas teaches in the Summa.  DNs lie. DNs are hypocrites on a sometimes hard-to-believe scale. Islam is the purest transmission vector on earth of Diabolical Narcissism. And almost 100% of faggots are DNs.  Thus, hypocrisy should be expected and anticipated.  Being surprised or thrown by it, especially in this context, is just inexcusable at this late stage in the game.

Finally, if you have watched the DN Video, can you determine what kind of Narcissist Orlando Jihadfag was? Somatic or Cerebral?

SOMATIC.  Somatic narcissist adult men TAKE SELFIES.  And, Orlando Jihadfag was also a user of steroids – CLASSIC somatic narcissist behavior.

Not only is this stuff EASY to understand, it is highly predictable – IF one understands and acknowledges the OVERARCHING GLOBAL PATHOLOGY: DIABOLICAL NARCISSISM, of which islam is THE most perfected transmission vector.


Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.