When Bad People Get Murdered By Other Bad People, It Doesn't Make Them Good, It Makes Them Dead.

Oh, satan is one wily chess player.

Pitting the musloids against the sodomites (but I repeat myself…) – wait let me make a precision: Pitting the musloids against the western sodomites is already bearing hellish fruit. (N.P.I.)

Look folks, when bad people get murdered by other bad people, it doesn’t make them suddenly good.  It makes them DEAD.

The 50 killed in that SODOMITE NIGHT CLUB, unless they fully repented of ALL of their sins and died contrite for for what they were ENTHUSIASTICALLY EMBRACING AND PRACTICING just seconds before, died in unrepentant mortal sin.  While certainly possible, the odds are LONG, to put it mildly.

Their fates were locked-in at the moment of death.  The fact that they were murdered by musloids DOES NOT REHABILITATE THEM or DISPENSE THEM FROM THEIR SIN in any way. The ultimate tragedy is that there are now 50 more people who no longer have any chance to repent of their sins, to avail themselves of God’s Holy Church, the Sacrament of Penance, and to die in a state of grace, in friendship with Christ. 50 people have faced Jesus Christ in their particular judgment, having died enthusiastically enjoying a SODOMITE NIGHT CLUB.  Tremble and quake at the thought – it is horrifying.

Canonizing these people, painting them as martyrs, is EXACTLY what satan wants.  Because if active, enthusiastic, unrepentant SODOMITES are martyr-saints, then the entire notion of sin and judgment is completely bled of all meaning, as is the entire notion of true martyrdom.  True martyrs are people who die witnessing to the truth of Jesus Christ and His Holy Church. Period.  These people died literally witnessing to SODOMY.  Heck, for that matter, if everyone who is murdered gets to go to heaven, then isn’t the murderer actually doing the people he kills a favor by, according to this logic, “absolving” them of their sins and guaranteeing them the Beatific Vision?

Do you see how when we stray, even a little, from the true teaching of The Church and start building logical truth tables upon FALSE PREMISES, we end up careening down into the pit within just a couple of corollary steps?

And the next thing you know sodomites are heroic saints, and murder is an act of charity.

And satan squeals, “Checkmate!”

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.