Hmm. Antipope worships satan under guise of bloodthirsty fertility goddess “Pachamama” at exactly the same time CoronaScam starts. Women worldwide take the Pachamama jab, miscarriages, sterility and rivers of blood flow.

Folks, the Pachamama events from October of ARSH 2019 are, I am increasingly convinced, of EPOCHAL importance. “Pachamama” is an alias of satan himself, exactly like “allah”. “Pachamama/satan” is described by the American pagans themselves as a “dragon” who lusts blood and controls fertility.  The blood-lust is manifested by the requirement for Pachamama/satan proxies – […]

UPDATED…H-Bomb: Master document of CoronaScam from ARSH 2017 found – “The SPARS Pandemic of 2025-2028” from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Center for Health Security

UPDATE:  Please note, folks, the dates on this satanic war plan document.  The New World Order/Antichurch gang expects it to take THREE FULL YEARS (hence 2025-2028) to crush the world to dust under their jackboot and fully implement their totalitarian and genocidal plan under the fabricated cover of “pandemic”. Okay, do we all remember how […]

CoronaScam: Totalitarian Putsch, Forced Economic Collapse, Malthusian Population Reduction. Yes, but ultimately it is a Ritual Sacrifice by Voluntary Mass Suicide to satan.

We are in the midst of a suicidal mass psychosis on a scale never before seen in human history. We all know about the Jonestown cult and their mass suicide (the origin of the phrase “drink the Kool-Aid”), but the better example of an entire society falling overnight into an intransigent insistence upon committing mass […]

Evil always tells you what it is up to: Bill Gates “predicting” forthcoming plague 10x worse than CoronaScam. Clearly this is the intended result of the Quaccine – boosting lethality of the common cold

Bill Gates is priming the propaganda pump for a soon-to-arrive any-minute-now mega-plague “ten times worse” than Corona Scam. Now… if CoronaScam really were a once-per-century event like the Spanish Flu, how could Bill Gates know that ANOTHER event is about to happen? How did Gates know in MINUTE DETAIL everything about the CoronaScam on October […]

Mystery Solved: IVERMECTIN is why Africa, India, and other third world s***holes had statistically zero CoronaCold.

Denninger has picked up on Ivermectin and posted on it HERE.  His take is: “This entire CoronaScam situation could be over in ONE WEEK.” No, I no longer personally own any cattle, but, hey, I might change my mind at any time, so yeah.  I went ahead and bought two bottles of 1% injectable form […]

As suspected early in the spring, the CDC just quietly combined ALL Pneumonias, Influenzas and CoronaColds into a new category called PIC, thus guaranteeing that the scam will NEVER end.

What they have done, and this was the conscious plan from the beginning to take totalitarian control of the economy and implement their population reduction and eugenics scheme, is turn what was up until ten months ago called “DEATH FROM NATURAL CAUSES” into a vector of terrorism. CDC has officially acknowledged that it has quietly […]

Like I said, Corona vaccines cause enhanced, sometimes lethal viral uptake when a Coronavirus is subsequently encountered in the wild, AND Corona vaccines inhibit placenta formation causing STERILITY

This is disturbing. — Francis Hoar (@Francis_Hoar) December 2, 2020 Remember folks, “Corona Viruses” or “Coronaviridae” are COLDS. They aren’t the Black Death or smallpox. They are literally “the sniffles” or “a chest cold”, or as we say in Kansas, “the crud”. They are EVERYWHERE, they are UNCONTAINABLE, and they are SEASONAL. They […]

Really not kidding about Bill Gates being a psychopathic arch-criminal that wants total dictatorial power over the entire human race. Of COURSE Gates’ CoronaScam is tied to the election, and was timed to “force” mail-in voting.

Our CEO introduces @BillGates to Smartmatic’s efforts to improve elections around the world. At the @GlblCtzn meeting — Smartmatic (@smartmatic) June 23, 2015

“Vacationing every summer in South Beach” significantly increases mortality from colds and flu. In other words, CoronaCold hits sodomites harder. (Hint: It starts with “H”, and ends with “IV”.

Darn that “love of Art Deco architecture and authentic Cuban cuisine”, anyway… Here’s a screen capture summary of research that we all knew intuitively, and explains why “healthy young men” are stricken and/or croaking from a cold or flu, which is, of course, labeled “Covid-19” every time. HIV supercharges bugs that healthy non-sex perverts shake […]