REPOST: Must-Read excerpt from ARSH 2017 CoronaScam Planning Document from Johns Hopkins: Chapter 17 “Vaccine Injury”, Chapter 18, “Acknowledging Loss”

(Originally posted in ARSH 2020. Look at the tweet below added as an update in ARSH 2021 citing a MERE 26,000 vaxx deaths, sigh, and wax nostalgic. Latest super-lowball estimates are 17,000,000+ dead. That’s THREE of the “Worst Thing That Ever Happened Ever”. Are we even allowed to suggest the “The Worst Thing That Ever […]

The Petrine See has been vacant for a year. Plus, Dr. Mazza sends a quote from Antipope Bergoglio from August ARSH 2019 which strongly indicates his foreknowledge of the CoronaScam

One year ago this morning the one and only living Vicar of Christ on Earth (whether he liked it or not) died of renal failure. Isn’t it interesting that Antipope Bergoglio mashed the throttle – attempting to suppress the Mass in the Venerable and August Rite of Gregory the Great, the attempt at Sodo-blessings – […]

H-Bomb: Master document of CoronaScam from ARSH 2017 found – “The SPARS Pandemic of 2025-2028” from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Center for Health Security

Please note, folks, the dates on this satanic war plan document.  The New World Order/Antichurch gang expects it to take THREE FULL YEARS (hence 2025-2028) to crush the world to dust under their jackboot and fully implement their totalitarian and genocidal plan under the fabricated cover of “pandemic”. Three years… that anniversary is coming right […]

Is Italy looking for an exit from the CoronaScam? Italian Department of Health revises all-time Covid deaths down from 130,000+ to… 3783.

As we have been saying in this space since the beginning, the entire CoronaScam was initially launched as an obvious MARKETING and RE-BRANDING CAMPAIGN, which was what the Event201 meeting in NYC on 18 October, ARSH 2019 was all about: getting the media, government and NGOs (with the Bergoglian Antichurch at the head of that […]

Hmm. Antipope worships satan under guise of bloodthirsty fertility goddess “Pachamama” at exactly the same time CoronaScam starts. Women worldwide take the Pachamama jab, miscarriages, sterility and rivers of blood flow.

Folks, the Pachamama events from October of ARSH 2019 are, I am increasingly convinced, of EPOCHAL importance. “Pachamama” is an alias of satan himself, exactly like “allah”. “Pachamama/satan” is described by the American pagans themselves as a “dragon” who lusts blood and controls fertility.  The blood-lust is manifested by the requirement for Pachamama/satan proxies – […]

CoronaScam: Totalitarian Putsch, Forced Economic Collapse, Malthusian Population Reduction. Yes, but ultimately it is a Ritual Sacrifice by Voluntary Mass Suicide to satan.

We are in the midst of a suicidal mass psychosis on a scale never before seen in human history. We all know about the Jonestown cult and their mass suicide (the origin of the phrase “drink the Kool-Aid”), but the better example of an entire society falling overnight into an intransigent insistence upon committing mass […]

Evil always tells you what it is up to: Bill Gates “predicting” forthcoming plague 10x worse than CoronaScam. Clearly this is the intended result of the Quaccine – boosting lethality of the common cold

Bill Gates is priming the propaganda pump for a soon-to-arrive any-minute-now mega-plague “ten times worse” than Corona Scam. Now… if CoronaScam really were a once-per-century event like the Spanish Flu, how could Bill Gates know that ANOTHER event is about to happen? How did Gates know in MINUTE DETAIL everything about the CoronaScam on October […]

Mystery Solved: IVERMECTIN is why Africa, India, and other third world s***holes had statistically zero CoronaCold.

Denninger has picked up on Ivermectin and posted on it HERE.  His take is: “This entire CoronaScam situation could be over in ONE WEEK.” No, I no longer personally own any cattle, but, hey, I might change my mind at any time, so yeah.  I went ahead and bought two bottles of 1% injectable form […]