Hmm. Antipope worships satan under guise of bloodthirsty fertility goddess “Pachamama” at exactly the same time CoronaScam starts. Women worldwide take the Pachamama jab, miscarriages, sterility and rivers of blood flow.

Folks, the Pachamama events from October of ARSH 2019 are, I am increasingly convinced, of EPOCHAL importance.

“Pachamama” is an alias of satan himself, exactly like “allah”.

“Pachamama/satan” is described by the American pagans themselves as a “dragon” who lusts blood and controls fertility.  The blood-lust is manifested by the requirement for Pachamama/satan proxies – like a bowl containing cursed soil and plants – to contain RED FLOWERS.  Why?  “Because Pachamama loves RED.”

In October ARSH 2019 Antipope Bergoglio participated in a worship of Pachamama/satan in the Vatican Gardens, and THEN, at the last liturgy ever celebrated at the Papal Altar, DIRECTLY ABOVE THE TOMB AND RELICS OF ST. PETER HIMSELF, placed a Pachamama/satan proxy bowl with cursed soil, plants and CURSED RED FLOWERS SYMBOLIZING BLOOD offered by a Pachamama/satanic priestess upon the altar at the offertory, so that it was sitting upon the selfsame altar upon which Our Blessed Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was called down upon at the consecration of the Host and Chalice minutes later.

And now, within just the past week, as we just discussed in Barnhardt Podcast #144, women all over the world, in the name of the Covid religion, born at the same historical moment as the Pachamama/satanic liturgy in the Vatican, are miscarrying, unnaturally bleeding, shedding entire desiccated casts of their uteruses, and God knows what else.

Call me a kook.  Call me a “conspiracy theorist.” Please.  PLEASE.  Expose yourselves and let the faithful know who’s who, and what’s what.  Let EVERYTHING be revealed, and God be glorified in it.

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Antichurch doubles-down and issues coin depicting the Pachamama Demon for anniversary of its enthronement, on Fatima Miracle day.


An eagle-eyed reader has pointed out this quote from the opening of the “Pachamama Ritual at Home” instruction page linked in the post below:

“You should never miss something red, it is the favorite color of the Pacha(mama)!”

Multiple species that look like weeds – but note well the two small red flowers, stuck into either side of the “arrangement”.

Because the Pachamama dragon demon likes RED.

The Bowl of Dirt that Antipope Bergoglio Placed Upon the Altar of St. Peter’s during the Offertory this morning was the pagan representation of Pachamama

(Massive evidentiary citations and updates collected and added in POST ABOVE.  Be sure to read and spread.)

We spoke too soon.  Read it and weep, folks.

Pachamama: New Age worship

See also: Goddess movement

There has been a recent rise in a New Age practice among white and Andean mestizo peoples. There is a weekly ritual worship which takes place on Sundays and includes invocations to Pachamama in Quechua, although there are some references in Spanish. Inside the temple, there is a large stone with a medallion on it, symbolizing the New Age group and its beliefs. A bowl of dirt on the right of the stone is there to represent Pachamama, because of her status as a Mother Earth. Many rituals related to the Pachamama are practiced in conjunction with those of Christianity, to the point that many families are simultaneously Christian and pachamamistas. Pachamama is sometimes syncretized as the Virgin of Candelaria.”

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