Italy, realizing that they are literally weeks from total, irreversible economic collapse admits: We made a mistake. We have counted heart attacks and anything else with a “positive” swab as COVID.

Staring down the barrel of total economic ruin has a way of clarifying and sharpening the mind. I’m told by Italian contacts that business owners are almost unanimously telling the banks and government (but I repeat myself) that if lockdowns of any kind persist after Christmas, almost every non-mega corporation business in Italy will fold. […]

YEESS!!! Cops and Military Police in Trieste, Italy take off their helmets and join the AntiCovidReligious Tyranny protesters!! Woot!!

Brushfires of Freedom: Lit! Let’s hope it’s CONTAGIOUS!!! Trieste da brividi: Polizia e Carabinieri tolgono casco e si schierano con i manifestanti. Tutto ciò dopo lnno di Mameli. Restiamo uniti, scriveremo la storia. #Dpcm #Lockdown #RadioSavana — RadioSavana (@RadioSavana) October 26, 2020

Meanwhile, over in Italy…

Fun with axes, folks. The first thing you learn when dealing with charts is to always, always look at the axes. Here is the “scary, we’re teetering on the brink of a second wave, oh my gosh we keep breaking through the 7-day moving average!!” version of the chart of “new cases per day” for […]

TRACTION: No Agenda Podcast discusses Bergoglian Antipapacy, and the Vatican’s offering up of the nation of Italy to the Communist Chinese

The No Agenda Podcast is one of the biggest podcasts in existence. They’re picking up on the situation with the invalid resignation of Pope Benedict and especially the satanic Vatican-China nexus, both in terms of the Church, and in terms of the offering up of the nation of Italy to the CCP as a beachhead […]

Satanist NWO darling and friend of Gates, Marina Abramovic video to Italy. LOOK AT THE COMMENTS.

Remember, Microsoft launched an advertising campaign with the open satanist Abramovic on Good Friday, and Abramovic’s photographer was one of the women in Jeffrey Epstein’s inner circle that would stand outside junior high schools in New York and recruit girls into Epstein’s sex trafficking ring. Abramovic was also a darling of the Podesta brothers who […]

Breaking Bombshell in Italy: “We are talking about a virus, Covid, which is absolutely trivial. The death toll is all false. This virus is not capable of killing in any way.”

Massive herd immunity confirmed in Italy from north to south. Antibodies prove that CoronaCold has been present and active in Italy since October. And, what we have known and been saying since February is now being openly said: the death statistics are totally cooked and falsified. Remember my 24 March post, “Wait just a damn […]

HUGE: CoronaCold was seeded among elderly in Northern Italy via this year’s “flu vaccine” containing canine Coronaviruses, AND “the masks WEAKEN the immune system”

Ho, ho, ho… Highest trending search on Italian Amazon? PIANO WIRE. “The flu vaccine may have caused the coronavirus and masks weaken the immune system.” Mikki Willis: Why was Italy hit so hard? Dr. Judy Mikowitz: Italy has a very old sick population. Beginning of 2019 they got an untested, new form of influenza vaccine […]

For Aggressive Distribution: “One Belt, One Road” policy in Italy – a Chinese Trojan Horse

Children, this is called “journalism”…. Read the whole thing and share. Italy, which is saddled with crushing debt, hopes to lift its lagging economy by exporting goods to China and inviting more Chinese investment. But opponents of the project in the Trump administration and in the European Union worry that Italy has turned itself into […]

Calling Bee-Ess with objective data: Guess how many people have died of influenza in Italy by year?

The Truth will set you free. As Italy, which is and has been used for years as a “mini-America” test market, is committing literal economic suicide as we speak. As this is being written, after “two weeks” (but it is probably considerably longer) of “infection”, there are 233 souls dead, almost all of whom were […]

Via Marco Tossati: New Book Released Today in Italy Argues That Pope Benedict is the One and Only Pope, AND that Antipope Bergoglio is the False Prophet Forerunner of the Antichrist

Via Marco Tosatti: Algorithmic translation of Tosatti’s post: Marco Tosatti This book, of its kind, is certainly unique; and intended to arouse long and intense discussions between those who reflect on the role of the Pontiff, and the singular historical anomaly we are experiencing. We leave the word to the author, to try to explain […]