Ivermectin: “If you had to design a drug for COVID, it would look exactly like Ivermectin.” Yup. Also for any common cold and flu viruses. And probably cancer, too….

Just wait until the anti-tumoric properties of Ivermectin are delved into when actual science becomes legal again.

Oh, I’ve also heard from people saying that Ivermectin applied topically clears acne, rosacea, and all manner of skin maladies.

And worms. Don’t laugh. Way more Americans have actual parasites than anyone imagines. Remember the story of the family with the little girl who was always sick and underweight, and with her first dose of Ivermectin for a cold bug that was going through her family… well, let’s just say the mystery of her stunted growth and sickliness was found floating in the commode that night. Gross, but instructive.

Ivermectin pep-talk:

I take the prophylactic dose twice per month, the 1st and 2nd and the 15th and 16th of the month, and if I feel ANYTHING coming on, know I’ve been extensively around a sick person, or am actively sick.

It. Can’t. Hurt.

Ivermectin is orders of magnitude safer than aspirin.

I use the liquid livestock injectable form, which I DRINK, usually now just in a splash of water. It really doesn’t taste that bad.

If you take the higher “treatment dose”, wonky vision side effects are totally normal and clear immediately when you come off the Ivermectin. The wonky vision stuff that I experienced after intentionally taking a “confrontation dose” in January of ARSH 2022 was not severe enough to prohibit driving. It was just… there. Like very subtle water waves in the field of vision and occasional mild “light flashes”. Like I said, it was there, but not handicapping for me.

If you’re sick, stay on the Ivermectin treatment dose for at least five days, if not longer. There’s no reason to be sick for two weeks or more when it could be just two days.

Also, actual doctors are realizing as the new era unfolds just how clutch Vitamin D is. Make certain that your Vitamin D also includes Vitamin K. The K is critical in smooth uptake of the D. I buy it in liquid drop form. I take 15 drops (15,000 IUs) daily, and mega-dose 50 drops (50,000 IUs) if I feel in any way sick. Or, just go outside in the sun now that it’s warming up. And don’t forget your Zinc and Vitamin C.

I hope this helps.

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