Mailbag: Daily Ivermectin for over 16 months to significantly mitigate Rheumatoid Arthritis with zero negative side effects

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Dear Ann,

Thank you so much for posting very early in the coronadoom about how to use Ivermectin. My husband and I have benefited greatly.

In January of 2022, a friend from North Dakota told us that his GP had mentioned that Ivermectin has anti-inflammatory effects and recommended that our friend take it to relieve some arthritis he had.

After hearing that, my husband who suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis started taking Ivermectin every day. Initially he took about 4.5 ml (of the 1% cattle/swine injectable solution orally) based on his weight of about 150 lbs. His inflammatory numbers in blood tests significantly dropped. If he skipped a day, he could really feel it in his joints. After a few months he went down to 2.5 ml each day for maintenance. Now he is not by any means cured, but he has far less pain and inflammation in his joints.

So for 16 months, he has taken Ivermectin daily with only missing a day once in a while and has had no ill effects, only benefits. Of course, in all that time, he hasn’t had so much as a slight sniffle.

I hope that hearing this, someone else may feel confident to make use of this wonder drug.

God bless,


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