A much-needed respite. Men chanting a Marian Antiphon in a gorgeous Italian church, with an “Old Roman” drone. Heaven sounds like this…

Longtime readers of this space know, and most agree, that “Old Roman” chant with that SUBLIME drone underneath is one of my favorite things, and should be revived. Immediately. We have the ability. Talk about “reform”.

Many people say that it sounds… almost muslim, except it is consonant (good), not dissonant (hellish). Musloid screeching is hellishly dissonant. For a reason. What people then soon realize is that the musloids STOLE and then PERVERTED true pious chant into their satanic dissonant screeching from the Old Roman chant they heard first in South-Central and South-West Europe.

Here is the Orbis Factor troped Kyrie.

And HERE is one of the more edifying things I’ve seen recently. This is just hours old… So heavenly….

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.