Quick Question: If Office and Ministry are pure synonyms and identical concepts, what exactly is the Miller Dissertation going on about for 300 pages, and why did the Gregorianum publish it?

The Miller Dissertation is 300 pages of agonizing over the distinction between the Petrine Munus/Office and the Petrine Ministry/Function with an eye towards “fundamentally transforming” the Papacy, mostly in an effort to appease schismatics – Lutherans and Anglicans first among them.

So… if Munus/Office and Ministerio/Ministry are pure synonyms as the “Fwanciss is Pope shuddup stoopid schismatic” contingent keep trying to gaslight people into believing, then someone needs to explain what EXACTLY the Miller Dissertation is about, because it can’t be 300 pages of agonizing and distinction-drawing over two things that are the same thing. That would be irrational.

Further, if the Miller Dissertation is in fact 300 pages of irrational gibberish, drawing distinctions between two identical, purely synonymous concepts, Office/Munus and Ministry/Ministerio, why did the Gregorianum not only award +Miller a doctorate for it, but also then grant +Miller the honor of publishing his dissertation on the Gregorianum’s own publishing imprint, the equivalent of awarding a dissertation an “A+” grade?

Logic, folks. Simple, inescapable logic.

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