Mailbag: The Corporal Works of Mercy – Visiting the Sick (with a bottle of Ivermectin)

Dear Ann,

I just listened to your latest podcast, #165 (please keep them coming by the way) and I had to reach out to comment. You mentioned something about how stirring it would be to know that you, Dr. Beep, Nurse Claire, et al. might have actually saved lives through your tireless “preaching” and holding fast to the truth in this time of lunacy. Well, I can tell you from experience, you absolutely have saved lives.

My wife and I got on the Ivy train as soon as I read about it on your blog last spring. We started sharing it with friends. We started preaching the near-miraculous efficacy of it to anyone who would listen. She and I both did catch the coof in early December but it was essentially nothing. We upped our dosage (I don’t think info was available yet about the better, higher doses) and we were fine.

But more to the point, my 74 year-old mother-in-law caught it… She has a compromised immune system. Based mostly on everything I had heard from you and the gang, we knew what to do. We did have to take her to the hospital because her O2 sat had dropped; but my wife went into the room with her when she was admitted and held her ground that her mom would not be left alone.

Hospital staff told my wife that she could stay but the moment she stepped out of the room she wouldn’t be allowed back in. For the next 8 days, she stayed by her mom’s side. It was tough on the kids (and me) but a corporal work of mercy for sure.

While there, I was able to sneak lots of fun things into that room – chiefly a stash of ivermectin. One of the nurses even admitted to my wife that she more or less knew what we were doing and she applauded us for it. After those 8 days, her mom was released home without oxygen.

The hospital was otherwise a gulag. Stupid people in scrubs and lab coats, glorified DMV workers with low IQs, and a host of assorted mortal-sin-addled sodomites, freaks, and idiots spending their days pushing the most repulsive and ridiculous of lies and absolutely no one questions them.

“You need the vax!” “You need Remdesevir!’ “You need Regeneron!”

No, no, and hell no! My wife being stationed at the bedside prevented all of that from going down. One doctor even told us that we would be responsible for my mother-in-law’s death if we didn’t give her Remdesevir.

Ann, I am serious when I say this, the information you have armed us with truly saved a life. Thank you! My mother-in-law is a great lady. She is largely responsible for bringing me into the TLM several years ago and she is like a second mom to me. I’m so happy to be able to take her to daily Mass again. I am truly grateful.

In Jesus and Mary,


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