Mailbag: General Confession after a Barnhardt Podcast deep-dive

Dear Ann,

I have written before with my praise of your work. Today I have to relay an incredible story to you and again to offer you my thanks. I started listening to the Barnhardt Podcast back in February and I was hooked. Something about the way you, Supernerd, Nurse Claire, et al. present your information reminds me of my decades of listening to Rush Limbaugh. As I have mentioned in my previous emails, I frequently find myself driving between our home in Texas and the Northeast. This past weekend, my kids and I were on such a drive. I decided it would be beneficial to “binge” your podcast starting at episode 1. My wife had flown ahead of us for meetings. When we met up with her, our 13 year-old son told her “We had a great drive. I now know all about the sodomites in the Vatican.” We chuckled at that.

But what was even more amazing is that I got to hear you and Supernerd discussing the concept of general confession in Barnhardt Podcast episode 15. I had long thought about doing a general confession but had assumed it was something that would have to wait until I was able to make a retreat. I envisioned going to a monk and spending hours going over my life’s sins. You described the process in such terms as I began to take courage and to fervently pray for the grace to do this as soon as possible. Well, about two hours ago, only four days after listening to that episode, I made my first general confession. I’m in my 40’s and have been a practicing Catholic all my life. This was one of the most beautiful and spiritually edifying moments I have been blessed to experience. I was able to confess things that I previously had overlooked or not confessed adequately or accurately. It took five minutes and believe me, I got off easier than I deserved by far.

Thank you, Ann, for all that you do. This afternoon, right before I left for the church, I got word that my 53 year-old cousin lost her battle with cancer. She had been away from the Church for a while. In God’s mercy, she received Last Rites including the Apostolic Pardon. Could there be any better news to share than these good things?

If you ever doubt that you are indeed doing God’s work, I hope you will re-read this email and reflect. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

God bless you,


PS: I recently requested a Mass be said for you at my home parish, in Texas. I will let you know when they give me a date so you may join your intentions with that Mass at that hour.

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