Barnhardt Podcast #015: My Fault, My Fault, My Most Grievous Fault

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In this episode we discuss a listener email about the Sacrament of Confession “being too easy” the way we described it in Episode 13, so we dive into the what it means to be sorry for one’s sins in an authentic sense. We also talk about shame: how the loss of it in the moral sense is devastating not just to individuals but society at large.

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Timestamp Outline:
0:11 Intro remarks
1:29 Big Scary Steve’s email pointing up how confession is useless and even harmful in you’re not truly sorry
5:15 Sorrow for sin and firm purpose of amendment
8:23 Ann is a “Kennedy convert” to Catholicism. That scandal of Catholics trying to game the system and sinning without true remorse is repellent and keeps people from entering The Church.
10:20 The Lutheran heresy – all people are “piles of shit”, so don’t even bother trying to be anything other than a pile of shit. In fact, “sin boldly” to prove how much faith you have!
12:16 Antipope Bergoglio is functionally Lutheran
13:03 Shame is a gift and grace from God, and is the Fruit of the First Sorrowful Mystery of the Rosary – Christ’s agony in the Garden. We should all desire an increase in shame for our sins, both present and past.
17:03 Common examples: people who contracepted, got divorced, etc. Thank God that they now feel shame!
18:50 Do the words of “Pastor Brad” at Superfun Rockband church override that words of Christ Almighty? Really?
21:13 Nothing is more attractive to fallen man than someone who will ratify them in their sins
22:09 The gift of tears, understanding that Christ suffered and died for you personally and for your sins specifically
24:55 The Satanic nature of “FrancisNewMercy”: your sins aren’t sins, they don’t matter, God wants you to sin, following the Law is too difficult, so don’t bother. Antipope Bergoglio casts himself and “his new mercy” as greater than Christ’s mercy, which is rigid and might lead to personal sacrifice
30:18 “I’m the Pope, and I don’t believe any of that Catholic bullshit, so neither should you, and you were right not to all along.”
32:33 Shame as an essential component of a healthy culture/society
33:48 Shame and subsidiarity: personal, family, neighborhood levels should be a sufficient self-policing mechanism. Government or law enforcement should rarely be needed.
37:08 Shame still exists, but on a completely morally inverted plane. It is an act of violence to suppress a healthy conscience.
39:33 Effeminacy and the suppression of conscience, shame
43:10 Anarchy is bad – healthy self-policing is good.
44:08 WILDLY POLITICALLY INCORRECT CONTENT ALERT! Sodomy is exploding partly because boys who act like sissies are no longer “recalibrated” by their peers – rather they are celebrated and lauded as “heroes”. Boys acting faggy, i.e. like girls, should be shamed and punished corporeally if necessary.
49:39 Anecdote about drunk guy at Threshing Bee 25 years ago – healthy Christian self-policing.
52:53 NovusOrdoism/Bergoglianism is all-in on the agenda of eliminating shame for true sin
53:57 The phenomenon of the “non-apology apology”. Diabolical Narcissists, when they issue apologies, will invert the fault onto the victim – “I’m sorry if you were offended…”
58:38 Preview of next Podcast and general housekeeping

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