Denninger proves decisively with the Social Security Administration’s own data that there have been NO excess deaths since the March-April coordinated massacre of nursing home residents in NY, NJ, PA…

Mostly elderly people are dying naturally of natural causes (including normal seasonal cold and flu, just like every year) and they’re coding it “Covid”. Heart attacks, strokes, influenza, all have taken a statistical nosedive in EXACT proportion to the number of “Covid” deaths. There is absolutely no pandemic of any kind. It’s all a meticulously planned hoax, designed to play off of the ubiquitous, uncontrollable reality of seasonal cold viruses, and to play off their SEASONALITY by using non-falsifiable argumentation.

See? We saved millions if not billions of lives! See how the virus went away after the spring lockdown? Prove that millions WOULDN’T have died had we not locked you down and forced you to wear a face diaper! You should be grateful to us for saving you!”

“Oh, but then when people came out of lockdown, that caused the second wave beginning in September! Prove that it didn’t! So now we have to save you again by locking you in your homes, wearing a submission muzzle!”

It’s glaringly obvious what they are doing. They are constantly appealing to a “prove a negative” logical fallacy (it is impossible to prove any negative) and timing their con to the inevitable seasonal ebb and flow of the common cold and flu. The cold flu season begins in late September and persists through April (months that are meteorologically COLD in the northern hemisphere) and then drops off to nothing in May and stays low all through the summer. The entire CoronaScam is built on playing this seasonal combined with non-falsifiable claims of lockdowns and face diapers CAUSING the natural summer eradication, and relaxation of lockdowns and face diaper use CAUSING the normal seasonal initiation of the next cold/flu season in September. Gates, the NWO and the Antichurch all know this and planned this entire operation around this, knowing that this fake scamdemic could be carried out PERPETUALLY. The cycle will never, ever end without war or supernatural intervention, and so far there has been zero indication of any organized willingness to fight back in any meaningful way.

Not one government has been toppled. Not one leader has been forcibly removed – in fact Trump’s election is being stolen with little popular resistance. Not one person has been arrested.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.