Learn this name: Arzoo Raja. And yes, this could happen here. Easily.

Arzoo Raja, 13, was kidnapped from her home in Pakistan. The Raja family is Catholic.

A furious search was undertaken. 48 hours later, the police received “documents” stating that Arzoo has converted to musloidism and married her 44 year old abductor. The police and courts then said, “Oh, okay. No problem. Congratulations to the happy couple.”

Please remember Arzoo Raja in your prayers, that she might be liberated and healed of her rape.

To make a point about how the argument that “such things could never happen here” are not only wrong, but insane, let’s take a look at the edict just handed down by the governor of California regarding the private celebration of Christian holidays. This is NOT SATIRE. Tell me how this is not sharia law.

California is already at the same level of evil insanity as Pakistan.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.