Repost by Request: Another Tiny Clue that Masks are a Purely Psychological/Religious Submission Device… No FDA or Any Type of Research or Certification Is Being Done

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This came over the transom, but I’ll write up the point in full, because it is so obviously true, and no one is really picking up on it.

IF masks were in any way efficacious (remembering always that what we are talking about here is A COMMON SEASONAL COLD), then shouldn’t the Food and Drug Administration be all over the testing and certification of masks??

Instead, there is ZERO scientific engagement or REGULATION of something that is ACTUALLY MEASURABLE.  It’s a complete free-for-all.

Hollywood people are wearing CROCHETED masks.  I’m now seeing advertisements for TULLE masks – NOT being sold as satirical protests, but actually sold as “anti-CoronaCold masks”.  And of course, fashion fabric masks emerged almost immediately.  I’ve seen several totally sequined masks in the past week.  It’s absolutely absurd.

And NOWHERE do we see the FDA, who want their fingers in EVERYTHING, who would regulate popcorn farts under the bedcovers if they possibly could, saying a single word about “efficacy”, much less “certifying” anything.

No one, most especially the Powers That Be, care a WHIT about what SORT of face covering the plebs don.  

All they care about is the dehumanizing sign of submission to this, the OneWorldCoronaReligion.

Folks, that is indication number one that it has nothing to do with science, and they all know it.  They won’t touch or engage the science of masking because the science is clear and unanimous: masking is not only completely ineffective, it is ACTIVELY HARMFUL.

And THAT is why you will never see an FDA “rating” or “certification” on the Masonic Magic Face Diaper of Submission.




There is another reason the FDA won’t bother to do any trials on the efficacy of face masks, and that is because it’s already been done.  (And now that I think of it, I’ve forgotten how I came across this report, and it may have been by way of your site.  If so, my apologies – if not, well now you have it.)

This CDC article (from May of this year) states very clearly that ten Randomized Controlled Trials done over the last seventy years made it very clear that face masks “did not support a substantial effect on transmission of laboratory-confirmed influenza”.  (That quote from the Abstract – the section on Face Masks goes into a bit more detail, and the second paragraph of that section sums it all up the best.)

And note that this was with “laboratory-confirmed” influenza, not the remote possibility that there might be something scary out there.  So masks are useless against viruses, and the FDA already knows it.


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