Webinar for learning to serve the Latin Mass! Men and lads should sign up now! You WILL be needed!

Latin Responses Webinar

For serving the traditional Roman Mass

Louis Tofari will host a 4-week curriculum of live webinars for boys and men to learn the acolyte’s Latin responses during the traditional Roman Mass.

This uniquely integrated course will include a review of:

• liturgical Latin and its basics of pronunciation,

• the significance of the prayers said by the servers,

• some important background information (e.g., what are the Preparatory Prayers, psalms and their structure, Psalm 42, saints in Confiteor, etc.),

• an explanation and practice of the associated gestures and reverences (folded hands, signs of the cross, bowing, striking the breast),

• and homework exercises.

During the past 25 years, Mr. Tofari has developed a unique and well-rounded course for teaching the server’s Latin responses, not only consisting of innovative training techniques, but also providing background information about what the server says.

In this way, the server learns not just how and when to say the responses, but why, thereby appreciating the profound significance of these prayers used in the highest act of Catholic worship, the Mass.

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Learn to do what he’s doing!

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