Mailbag: Millennial Mom checks in (plus amusing lesson in New Zealand ornithology)

Hi Ann! 

 I am one of those “pouty duck-faced millennials” that’s been reading your blog for several years now. Except I don’t do that. I’m not a social justice warrior, feminist, or any of that crap. I’m the old school cooking and cleaning type of Millennial.

    It’s funny that your most recent post mentions licitly breeding-because my husband and I have had a conversation JUST like that recently. How do you counterattack the antichurch and modernists with no moral compass? You OUTBREED them.

It certainly won’t be hard, since the majority of my peers are just not having kids. They’d rather push their cat in a stroller. (Yes they make cat strollers.)

    What’s sad is how many of them describe children with phrases like “crotch fruit” and “demon spawn” [these foul epithets for human children were all started by sodomites. -AB] Heck, even friends of my grandma have looked at my kids and said “Yay! You’ve got a boy and a girl! Now you can be DONE”. No, Karen, I’m done when God says I’m done. Because, you know, children are the primary end of marriage. You get married for the PROCREATION and education of children.

    I kind of want to shout at other younger, married women and say “Shut up and embrace your fertility! [Also, “Go clean up the kitchen…!” AB] But alas, they’d look at me as if I had two heads. Call me a sap, but there is nothing more amazing than carrying your precious child inside of you for 9 months, seeing their heart flicker on an ultrasound,(at 8 weeks) feeling all their movements…Sure you get kind of beat up on the inside when they get stronger-both of mine never stopped moving! But it’s the coolest. thing. ever.

    I understand some women have health issues. But I have no excuse. My first two were easy pregnancies (Until the last couple of weeks, felt like a Kiwi Bird**). And giving birth was quicker than obtaining a meal from a drive-thru. (Precipitous labor) So…yeah. I’ll keep fighting the good fight by raising loving, authentic, Catholic children. However many God gives us.

    Children are a blessing from Almighty God. Period.

    Thanks for spreading The Truth. Rest assured there are younger people who know Benedict is still our Pope, what the four last things are, and believe in The Real Presence.

God Bless!

Millennial Mom

**PS- The kiwi bird lays an egg the size of their body. 


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