Confirmed: People presented in NYC with nothing more than anxiety symptoms, and were MURDERED by ventilator

I don’t think there is a sufficient appreciation of the extreme damage done by all of the people who went on social media and stoked the obviously fake CoronaCold scam.  Formerly trafficked, but now quickly fading Trad Inc. partisans were some of the worst, declaring at one point that TWO BILLION people were going to die of CoronaCold, and that anyone who so much as expressed a desire to go to Mass or even visit Our Lord in the Tabernacle was a “narcissistic psychopath murderer who would sacrifice the elderly on the altar of your own piety.”

The fear porn, the panic mongering, the gleeful participation in the largest crime against humanity ever executed – a pure Masonic operation that wasn’t even hidden, the shrieking Karen-ism, all done by people who openly confess their hatred of the Rosary, and rarely and begrudgingly attended Mass even before the global interdict that they ACTIVELY INCITED.

These people CANNOT be permitted to simply pretend that they “DINDU NUFFIN” and even worse, memory hole their cooperation with the New World Order operation just a few weeks ago, and act now as if they “knew it was all a lie all along.”  Um, NO.  And here’s why:

In the blockbuster video below, a nurse from Florida who went up to New York to work in Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, which was basically a slaughterhouse, testifies that people presented at the ER complaining of NOTHING BUT ANXIETY BROUGHT ON FROM BROADCAST MEDIA AND SOCIAL MEDIA AGITPROP.  These people were told that they had to be put on a ventilator IMMEDIATELY or else they would die.  Most of them never even tested positive for the CoronaCold.  They were vented, their lungs were blown out and they died by the thousands, and the hospital collected a $29,000 bonus per corpse.  These people walked into the hands of obvious, known murderers BECAUSE OF THE SCREAMING KARENS OF BOTH SEXES; because of the anxiety induced by people who live their lives camped on social media in a state of perpetual adolescence, wallowing in such intellectual garbage as “zombie apocalypse” and Live Action Role Playing fantasy worlds – things that normal people grow out of before their tenth birthday – told them that they and their families were going to die of a common seasonal cold.

These people who were complicit in this, these “virus whisperers”, CANNOT be permitted to simply shrug this off and pretend that they DINDU NUFFIN, because a goodly number of the deaths from this New World Order operation, both now and in the future from things like cancers that will go undiagnosed and heart bypass operations that were left undone, are partially on them.

Here is the video to aggressively share and replatform.

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