Satanist NWO darling and friend of Gates, Marina Abramovic video to Italy. LOOK AT THE COMMENTS.

Remember, Microsoft launched an advertising campaign with the open satanist Abramovic on Good Friday, and Abramovic’s photographer was one of the women in Jeffrey Epstein’s inner circle that would stand outside junior high schools in New York and recruit girls into Epstein’s sex trafficking ring. Abramovic was also a darling of the Podesta brothers who were a driving force behind the “Catholic Spring” operation to totally overthrow the Catholic Church. Pope Benedict is unavailable for comment.

This video is produced and posted by the Italian newspaper “La Repubblica”, which we all know from its Communist Freemason publisher, Eugenio Scalfari, and his interviews with Antipope Bergoglio in which Bergoglio has, among other things, denied the divinity of Christ, denied the existence of Hell and professed the heresy of soul annihilation.

Abramovic speaks in English with subtitles in Italian, but you need to click through to YouTube and read the comments below. I have yet to find a positive comment. Every comment is calling Abramovic a witch, satanist, mason, cannibal, pedophile, and calling for her arrest.

Click through and read the comments here.

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