Bill Gates had Microsoft use open satanist Marina Abramovic in their latest ad campaign, released on Good Friday.

Abramovic is a satanist who performs satanic rituals under the guise of “performance art”. She is directly tied to the Deep State, as I wrote about in November of ARSH 2016 HERE. She performed satanic rituals for the Clinton-Podesta clan.

Interestingly, over in Italy, the Bergoglians, led by the American who runs the Church’s artistic patrimony in Florence, Msgr. Timothy Verdon, had an exhibition of Abramovic’s satanic imagery put on display in the Museum of the Duomo of Florence, and it then moved to Milan. I’m fairly certain that the Museum of the Duomo in Florence contains a relic of the True Cross.

I’m sure that’s just a coincidence….

Reportage on the Microsoft campaign with the satanist Abramovic HERE.

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