TOLDYA. Satanism Amongst Oligarchy Confirmed

The Wikileaks Podesta satanism thing looks to be 100% for real. I immediately searched the phrase “spirit cooking“ and it came right up:

I saw human breast milk and semen and knew that it was satanic. It’s textbook.

Now do you see why I have been ranting and raving in this space about BOTH “secular” topics (politics, finance, etc.) AND about Our Blessed Lord, His Holy Catholic Church, and the infiltration thereof? Do you believe me now that this is all of a piece?

I have some things to say about sodomitical and satanic activities going on in Rome, and St. Peter’s Basilica specifically.  That will be the next post.

Go to confession.

Pray the Rosary.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.