RN does a fantastic, brief video on the scientific imbecility of masks.

She makes many great points quickly.

Two big ones that everyone should know: increased CO2 levels suppress the immune system, AND

N95 masks are made to block TUBERCULOSIS, which is a bacteria. One bacterium of TB is one thousand times bigger than a virus particle.

I love this comment:

Common sense ideas like understanding how small viruses and bacteria are compared to the “filtering” capabilities of an online yard sale decoration is lost on most of America.


Also, I’d like to draw people’s attention to a piece that has made its way around the Traditional Catholic blogosphere, but merits as wide an audience as possible. It is about the fact that Godlessness produces individuals and thus societies governed by fear.

Misanthropy, constant anxiety, and fear of death are NOT signs of anything even remotely related to sanctity. In fact, all three things are MASSIVE red flags indicating that something is very, very wrong with a human being. Death should be looked upon with sad disgust, but not feared.

Of course, in this situation, there is essentially zero risk of death to healthy people who are not elderly – just like every other seasonal cold virus. So the fear is even more irrational, and therefore more indicative of a spiritually crippled individual.

Do click over and read the whole thing. It is beautifully written. An excerpt here:

Inimical to Christianity is the idea of the self-isolation of the human race, of sealing ourselves from dirt, bacteria and the potential proximate physical dangers inherent in the world, of seeing our humanity as diseased to the point of the fearful avoidance of others, of fearing real communion with others or with, God forgive us, our Eucharistic Lord. These things fly in the face of the Gospel we have received. We accept crosses, we understand that health is here today and could be gone tomorrow. Before us, all who lived have died, death approaches us all, and despite fact that we have never experienced it as individuals, the same prospect of death awaits us all. To those with even the greatest faith, death is an experiential unknown, a human mystery so profound we cannot begin to plumb its depths, as we slip away from a temporal realm, out of time itself and into eternity.

As Christians, we refuse to live our lives in any other world but the fallen world, the real world, but our souls and our minds are enlightened by the Holy Spirit, we are animated by the Spirit of Christ, He lives and works in us, we try not to impede His life in us as we strive to live in the power of the Holy Spirit in that world, to extend the Kingdom of God, to bring the light of Christ to others, to bring eternal Salvation to the world, the promise of Heaven to those who repent, who are baptised and who believe in the Lord Jesus and live by His Commandments. Jesus leads us in our Passover to the endless world where there is no sadness, no suffering, no illness, no death, only joy, for these former things have passed away.


For the Church, the adoption of a kind of pseudo-secular messianism, led by the new ‘infallible’ high priests of science and medicine, that proclaims humanity itself can save itself from even the threat of pestilence, whether the disease’s survival rate is incredibly high or low, constitutes a major threat similar to and even more alarming than the neo-pagan belief adopted globally that humanity can save the seas, the air, the earth from climate change and that this should be a central concern to us all. Both ideas are ripe for exploitation by those who work for Antichrist and, if he’s around, the Antichrist himself. For the Church, or at least the Hierarchy, to imitate Government in its web of deceitful doctrines that we can create a ‘safe world’, a ‘disease-free future’ in which the air and sea can be as clean as hands freshly washed and sanitised is a gross insult to God as well as a grotesque lie.

It is sin that imperils each and every one of us and threatens every day our eternal happiness. Nothing and nobody is truly safe, but for the man and woman who live in the grace, love and friendship of God and persevere in it to the end.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.