Santa Clara, CA antibody testing confirms: it’s a chest cold, a helluva lot of people have already had it, herd immunity well underway

This Stanford study that did antibody testing in Santa Clara confirms the Italian antibody testing reported on HERE.

CoronaCold is a seasonal chest cold, it is working its way through the population and most people who get it fight it off with either zero symptoms or just get a mild cold… JUST LIKE A STANDARD SEASONAL COLD VIRUS.

You can’t quote a percentage if you don’t have an accurate DENOMINATOR!!

Why did the world fall for this garbage? Because the public and private schools have essentially stopped teaching even basic arithmetic to comprehension and mastery. No one understands what a percentage is or how to calculate a percentage. And it’s all intentional.

Lies. Fear porn. Book-cooking. All coordinated and planned at Bill and Melinda Gates’ Event201 coven in October.

All aimed at installation of totalitarianism with the fake vaccine/Mark of the Beast for “CoronaCold by Bill Gates“.

CoronaCold by Bill Gates” – like “CircusFantasy by Britney Spears“.

Both made in a lab in China!

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.