Notice how much they love him. Even when he forgets the Apostolic Blessing – and then humbly begs their forgiveness.

He clearly isn’t an evil man.  Note that he finishes, then leaves the window…twice.  But then he is reminded that HE DIDN’T GIVE THE BLESSING (this was in ARSH 2005 – he was a brand-new Pope).  So, he comes back and in good self-deprecating humor and humility declares that he forgot “the most important thing”.  But note the crowd, how they are calling out cheers of support.  Last I knew of anyone calling anything out at Antipope Bergoglio’s audiences was, “VIGANÒ!”

Folks, run at full sprint away from people whose entire ecclesiology/worldview is based on hating Joseph Ratzinger for being an “evil man”.  Some things come across my transom made by sedevacantists trying to discredit me for acknowledging Pope Ratzinger as the one and only living Pope by saying and photoshopping truly evil and depraved things about Pope Benedict. They only discredit themselves.

The same goes for the “FiP-shutup” contingent.  Folks, believe me: Daddy issues. Abandonment issues. Save it for the confessional, or better yet, just grow the hell up and get over yourself. Oh, you’re Gen-X and had a “sub-optimal” childhood.  Mommy said mean things to you? Daddy took off?  Boo-hoo.  GET IN LINE, SNOWFLAKES.  Do you have a brain, or has it all been fried on Xanax and Prozac?  Here’s a newsflash: your loser baby-boomer parents ARE NOT THE VICAR OF CHRIST ON EARTH, nor are they Jesus Christ.  Don’t map your parents, and more directly to the point, YOUR HORRIFIC LIFE CHOICES (Hyper promiscuous? Dumped by every person you ever fornicated with? Burned YEARS on a completely, totally, glaringly obvious racketeering sex and money cult masquerading as “conservative” Catholic?) onto Pope Benedict, the Papacy, the Holy Catholic Church, and ultimately Our Blessed Lord and Savior, mmkay? Thanks.  Every ounce of that stupidity is ON YOU.

As I said in the Part One Video about the Bergoglian Antipapacy, the FIRST question that should spring to everyone’s mind is, “Holy Father Benedict, WHAT DID THEY DO TO YOU? HOW DID THEY THREATEN YOU?”

Was Ratzinger messed up in the 1960s?  Of course he was.  HE’S GERMAN.

But he IS also the validly elected Roman Pontiff, still reigning. Grace of State and the Petrine Promise are REAL.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.