Mailbag: A Gen X’er Checks In

Dear Ann,

I just read your most recent post about Pope Benedict. It really rang a bell with me.

In the past I was one of those people that was significantly impacted by my parents’ imperfections and failures. As a result, I committed many sins, many mortal sins.  Through the grace of God I have been restored to sanity and pray each day I will one day be with our Lord Jesus Christ in His Kingdom.

Your treatment and disposition towards Pope Benedict gives me much joy. You do not deny that he hurt The Church, yet you continue to love him.   You see his failings and yet you express such charity towards him. Praise be to Jesus. 

You are so right when you express the absolute need for people to get over themselves and their feelings. In my own life, I have been down that road and am at the point, thanks to God that I have realized, through the intercession and assistance of our Mother and the Saints and Holy Angels, that feelings are not meant to be fact, but to be guarded carefully and used only in the light of faith in reason. Feelings have led me down some very dark paths and I am eternally thankful to our Father for saving me from the abyss through His Son, Jesus Christ in Communion with the Holy Spirit.

While you say some things a bit more  stridently than I would, I am thankful for your insight and the call to truth.  It is rare today when one hears words spoken clearly and truthfully. I am thankful to God whenever I hear it.

God bless you,


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