So, what EXACTLY is it going to take? Antipope Bergoglio tells priests of Rome that The Indefectible Bride of Christ is in “flagrant adultery”.

Not being beaten, raped, and attempted to be murdered by the criminal usurper antipope and His Freemason sodomite coven.

No, the Bride of Christ HERSELF is a flagrant adulteress. It’s HER fault. She’s the whore.

Nah, there’s no evidence to think that something might be terribly amiss. I mean, between Pope Benedict all but skywriting that the sodomites were gunning for him from the first days of his papacy, the partial attempted abdication of just the “active governance” ministry, not the Petrine Office, the retention all the visible marks of the Petrine Office, and the fact that Bergoglio is a foaming-at-the-mouth blaspheming apostate Freemason happily swimming laps in a pool of sodomy between shifts running a D11 Caterpillar tasked with scraping the Church from the face of the earth and replacing it with a Freemasonic Antichurch – nah. You’re just stupid, crazy and a schismatic if you dare think anything might be hinkey here, so shut up, stupid, ignurnt Papolator!

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.