Argentinian Sources Check In: Jaitt’s “Producer” Caught on Video Lifting Jaitt’s Cellphone from Crimescene and then Lying About It.

The Argentinians have checked in after I asked them if there was anything new on the Natacha Jaitt death that the English-speaking world should be aware of.  They said the big news was that Jaitt’s “producer”, Raúl Velaztiqui Duarte, was caught on video lifting Jaitt’s cellphone from the crime scene, wrapping it in a towel, and putting it in his backpack, then lying through his teeth about this to the cops.

Not a great look for Raúl.


So, at this point, pretty much everyone in Argentina thinks there was foul play here.  The thing to remember is that Jaitt was threatening not just Gustavo Vera (although it was Vera who was suing Jaitt, and that trial was set to begin right about now… with all of the discovery and presentation of evidence that would go along with a trial.) Jaitt was threatening to expose the whole Buenos Aires pedophile ring, which included celebrities and sports stars, just as it does in the U.S. and elsewhere.

Finally, let me point out that YES, Natacha Jaitt, was, in fact, a complete and total train wreck, and certainly no saint or martyr.  She was a proud, self-confessed prostitute, for goodness sake.  Again, this is PAR FOR THE COURSE when we are talking about people blowing the whistle on the goings-on in the gay bars and prostitution rings of any major city. If you are going to wait around for cloistered nuns to blow the whistle on such things, what you are really doing is dodging the problem entirely.

Also, it has been noted that Jaitt was a Jew.  Yes, Jaitt is a Jewish name, and almost all people with that surname today are in Argentina.  You realize what that means, don’t you?  Had anyone reached out to this woman, the primary focus of proselytizing her could and should have been that as an unbaptized person, ALL of her sins – and they were numerous and horrific – could have been instantly and permanently washed away in the waters of Baptism.  She could have had every stain of sin washed away in the Blood of the Lamb, and worn a snow-white baptismal garment.  She wouldn’t have even needed to make a confession.  What a lost opportunity.  It COULD have been so easy.  But now she is dead, and in all likelihood, she didn’t make it.  We can’t say for an absolute certainty, but… yeah, it doesn’t look good at all.

This is why The Great Commission was given.  This is why proselytism is such a good and charitable act. This is why we don’t just sit and shrug, and should at least TRY. This is also why SCANDAL is such a big deal.  All Jaitt ever saw of “c”atholics  and “c”atholicism was corruption and unspeakable evil.  The word “scandal” means “stumbling block”.  How do you even begin to explain to a person like Jaitt that the Holy Catholic Church is the Spotless and Indefectible Body and Bride of Jesus Christ?  Relative to what she ever saw of the institutional Church, that sounds like the biggest joke ever told.

But, all things are possible through Jesus Christ. And so we continue, making ourselves appear as fools for Christ, always ready to explain exactly why it is that we have hope. (I read that somewhere once, and so I just Rosica-ed it.)

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.