My Take On ++Pell’s Conviction – FWIW

The case of Cardinal Pell is tricky.  Here are my thoughts and insights gained over the past 6+ years:

-I was told from my earliest engagement with Rome and these “churchy” issues that George Pell was a stone-cold, dead-eyed, full-blown sociopath, and that one should not, under any circumstance whatsoever, hitch their proverbial cart to his horse.  Since then, the whole question of personality disorders has become much clearer, and we now know that sociopathy and psychopathy are simply different names for DIABOLICAL NARCISSISM, and we know that all species of sexual perversion are derived from DIABOLICAL NARCISSISM, and that sexual perversion is a downward spiral that generally gets worse with the passage of time.

-It is painfully obvious to all by now that the Bergoglian usurpatious criminal regime would never, ever, ever let ANYONE who wasn’t massively compromised and blackmailable anywhere near the Vatican Bank or any Vatican Finances at all.  Pell was clearly named as the “financial reform czar” because he had a massive built-in kill switch.  And, as an added bonus, ++Pell was considered “hard-right” on the spectrum, and even did Traditional Mass liturgical stuff, so for him to publicly implode would be doubly-good for the anti-church.   I wrote about this almost two years ago HERE, in my piece, “New Verb: To Be COSBYED”.

-The charges that ++Pell was convicted of simply don’t hold water.  The notion that he or anyone could orally rape two lads in a busy sacristy while fully vested immediately after a huge pontifical Mass is defies all logic, reason and common sense.  Here is what I think happened:  I think that the Rule of Law is so far gone in the post-Christian west (as Australia definitely is) that the jury found Pell guilty NOT of the crimes that he was indicted for in this case, but just “GENERALLY GUILTY”.  I suspect that they did this with the thought that if they didn’t find him guilty now, that he would return to Rome and be permanently ensconced in the Vatican, and thus be unextraditable.   This is a full-blown assault on the Rule of Law and a huge plunge down the slippery slope into the abyss of “WROL” (without rule of law).  It is better to let a guilty man go free than to permit this idea of conviction of “general guilt” detached from the structure of indictments, and thus trials, evidence, truth, or anything else civilized.  It is positively Stalinesque.  Any charge could be concocted against anyone, and the person found “generally guilty” for “the greater good”.  I am reminded of Our Lord’s words in John 16: 2… “They will put you out of the synagogues: yea, the hour cometh, that whosoever killeth you, will think that he doth a service to God.

-Having said that, I do not think that ++Pell is a martyr or anything of the sort.  I found his Australian 60 Minutes interview to be sickening, wherein Pell is clearly caught lying.  I have been told by Australian priests and laypeople that the situation in Australia with regards to priests chasing and assaulting lads is absolutely terrible and has been for over 60 years, and that as children in Catholic schools the boys were propositioned almost every time they entered the confessional.  It was constant and ubiquitous.  Australia and New Zealand, like Germany and the Low Countries, should probably be put under interdict and considered mission territory.

-Also, the very fact that ++Pell jumped in bed with Antipope Bergoglio at all speaks volumes.  Folks, we HAVE to start judging people by their associations.

-I won’t be surprised if Pell doesn’t last long in prison.  He is one of the most hated men in Australia, and sociopaths when they hit rock bottom can be suicidal.  I personally don’t think fear of hell is much on a man like Pell’s radar.  I hope I’m wrong.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.