New Verb: To Be COSBYED

To COSBY, or to be COSBYED.

A person is COSBYED when they blindly take the side of a psychopath due to the psychopath’s apparent leanings to the right, conservative or traditional side of the political spectrum.

This is what is happening with Cardinal Pell right now, because apparently the lessons of Cosby are just too far in the past to be remembered, that is, outside the 36 hour news cycle.

Cardinal Pell is widely, widely known in Rome and elsewhere to be one of the severest cases of psychopathy in the Church today.  He lusts power, and when his dream of being the “kingmaker” at the March ARSH 2013 false conclave didn’t pan out, he hopped into bed with Bergoglio, hoping to grasp as much power and protection as possible.  And Antipope Bergoglio and friends played right along.  Knowing that Pell had the same “self-destruct switch” that almost every other prelate in the Church today has, and that Pell was known to say generally Catholic things in public from time to time, and even to celebrate the Old Mass on occasion, they made the the “Vatican Finance and Economic Reform” czar.  Pell was installed specifically so that he could be played with like a mouse in the control of a cat, until the cat decides to snap the mouse’s neck. And Pell was a “dead man walking” from that moment.

Consider this from last year – Bergoglio and his faggots literally canceled the PricewaterhouseCoopers audit of the Vatican WITHOUT TELLING PELL. Just to make sure we’re all getting that – Bergoglio canceled the audit and dismissed the auditors WITHOUT TELLING THE FINANCIAL REFORM CZAR.  And Pell is being painted as one of Bergoglio’s closest advisors?  GIVE ME A BREAK!

Cardinal George Pell, the prefect of the Vatican Secretariat for the Economy, has said he was “a bit surprised” by the decision of the Secretariat of State to suspend an independent audit of the Vatican’s finances.

In a short statement released this morning, he said he anticipates the audit will “resume shortly” after “discussions and clarification” of some issues, and added that the work of the “internal auditor which covers all areas has not been interrupted.”

Yesterday the Register reported that the Secretariat of State had sent a letter this week to all Vatican entities saying the first external audit aimed at raising the Vatican’s finances to international anti-money laundering standards had been suspended.

The Vatican had hired accountancy giant PricewaterhouseCoopers in December to conduct the audit on the instructions of the Council for the Economy, the 15-member monitoring body set up to oversee the work of the Vatican Secretariat for the Economy.

The move to suspend the initiative has been seen as a move not only to undermine the work of Cardinal Pell and the department he runs, but moreover the Council for the Economy which was responsible for appointing the auditors.

And just a few days ago, the independent INTERNAL AUDITOR mentioned above abruptly resigned.  OOPSIE DAISY!

Vatican City, Jun 20, 2017 / 12:37 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- In an unexpected move in the Holy See’s ongoing financial reform, the Vatican announced on Tuesday the resignation of Libero Milone, General Auditor of the Holy See, effective immediately.

So the external auditors were dismissed, then the internal auditor quit. And now Pell is gone, almost certainly never to return to Rome in any working capacity.

And now the money laundering, drug and child sex trafficking is free to continue apace.  Laissez les bons temps roule! Or, perhaps it would be better said, Lass die guten Zeiten ruhen!

Pell was put in place by Bergoglio and the Commie Fags SPECIFICALLY SO THAT HE COULD BE PUBLICLY DESTROYED IN THE FULLNESS OF TIME.  Pell’s long, sordid history of scandal related to child rape in Australia was a feature, not a bug.  Install power hungry Pell as Financial Czar, hamstring him at every turn, then hold up the severed head of the “conservative hypocrite” as proof that Antipope Bergoglio is working hard against the boy-buggers!  Meanwhile, flaming faggot boy rapist Battista Ricca is literally Bergoglio’s man at the Vatican Bank!!  (Click here for the Vatican Bank board of governance roster – what a hive of scum and villainy!)

But back to the main point.  Do you remember early in the Cosby scandal that many, many people on the right were claiming that the charges were trumped-up because Cosby had openly criticized the black hip-hop culture and said things that were socially conservative?  Remember that?  Remember how Cosby was the victim of a socio-political witch hunt?

And then accuser after accuser, after accuser …(x 60)… after accuser.

And Cosby turned out to be nothing less than a psychopath necrophiliac serial rapist.  Period.  I don’t care how correct his admonishments for blacks to pull up their pants and learn to speak English were.  That doesn’t matter.  The man is a psychopath necrophiliac serial rapist. In a morally sane society, he would be offered the Sacraments and executed within a week upon conviction.

In exactly the same way, just because a priest, prelate or even a layman celebrates or assists at the Traditional Mass, or publicly says things that are “Traditional” DOES NOT MEAN THAT WE CAN OR SHOULD OVERLOOK THEIR PERSONAL BEHAVIOR.

I’m getting really, really sick of the whole, “I’m against sacriligious sodomy and fornication… except when my friends do it, because that’s different, because… loyalty!”

Folks, this whole business of falling into this effeminate, sports-driven mindset of everyone being on “my team” or “their team”, and then defending the indefensible when those on “my team” do it has got to stop.  Is there no capacity for ANY nuanced thought?  Are we so far gone that we cannot see that it is possible that BOTH PARTIES, BOTH SIDES can be terrible, awful people?

THERE ARE BAD PEOPLE ON BOTH SIDES. CHURCH, GOVERNMENT, BIG BUSINESS.  If being “loyal” means turning a blind eye to psychopathy, sexual perversion, corruption, larceny or any other immoral behavior based upon public political leanings, then please God let me never be “loyal”.

Don’t be Cosbyed.

If you want, watch this Australian 60 Minutes piece in which Pell is interviewed and is caught in BOLDFACED LIES IN REAL TIME, UNEDITED, BY THE INTERVIEWER.

As an aside, the nephew/rape victim of pedophile priest Gerald Risdale shown in the clip below is not the only nephew of Risdale to have been raped.  Both David Risdale, and his cousin Dominic Risdale have come forward.  I mention this because so many boys are abused and raped by their BLOOD UNCLES, and many, many parents know that their brother is a sex pervert faggot, and yet tell themselves, “Oh he would never touch MY BOYS.”  Oh yes, YES HE WOULD.  All faggots are a clear and present danger to children, MOST ESPECIALLY PRE-TEEN AND TEENAGED BOYS. BLOOD RELATIONS INCLUDED. Do you have an adult faggot brother or brother-in-law?  NEVER, EVER, EVER LEAVE YOUR CHILDREN ALONE WITH THEIR FAGGOT UNCLE. NEVER. NO MATTER WHAT.

“I offered them nothing.” Boldfaced lie, immediately proven, which Pell then walks back.

Is the Australian media biased? Of course, all western media is biased, but Pell LIES LIKE A RUG TO THE INTERVIEWER.  That simply cannot be denied.  Because that is what psychopaths do.  They lie with complete facility.  You can’t see objective evidence (Pell lying) and then utterly dismiss it because the media is leftist and wants to destroy the Church.  That is called an ad hominem fallacy, specifically an appeal to bias.  Anyway, here’s the clip…

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.