#TOLDYA Left, Right and Trad-Right: Cardinal Pell Charged With Sexually Assaulting Boys

Ready to listen yet?

As I have been desperately trying to make people understand PRECISELY IN ORDER TO HELP PEOPLE NOT BE SCANDALIZED, the infiltration of the Vatican by sodomites is absolutely massive. It is a de facto Bathhouse, and the infiltration utterly transcends the left-right-Trad spectrum. Sodomites are EVERYWHERE in Rome.

Am I surprised that Cardinal Pell has been charged in Australia with sexually assaulting boys? NOPE. Not even a little.

Is Cardinal Pell the prelate I spoke of in yesterday’s Barnhardt Podcast #010 who sexually propositioned the priest reader of this blog in Rome? Nope. That was a different prelate who says the Old Mass. Like I said, COMPLETE INFILTRATION.

I wrote a few months ago about this and the culture of sodomite blackmail that runs Rome and the Vatican.

“…Antipope Bergoglio is a diabolical narcissist psychopath who is now, and always has been about one thing: PERSONAL POWER. He rules through FEAR, and in Rome EVERY PRIEST, BISHOP, MONSIGNOR and CARDINAL WITHOUT EXCEPTION IS BLACKMAILABLE.

The infiltration of the Church by Freemasons/Communists, who then recruited and promoted ALMOST EXCLUSIVELY SODOMITES for over fifty years now is so intense, that absolutely EVERY PRELATE IN ROME IS BLACKMAILABLE. EVERY PRELATE has sodomite connections, even for the very, very rare prelate that isn’t a sodomite himself. The faggotry is EVERYWHERE, on both the “left” and the “right” and the “far right”.

And folks, where there are faggots, children are being abused. Period. There is no such thing as a “harmless faggot”. Scratch a faggot and you’ll find either an active child predator, a developing child molester, or someone who has turned a blind eye to child molestation to protect “friends”. The code of omertà among faggots is every bit as strong, if not stronger than the code of omertà in the Italian Mafia.

Folks, the Vatican is now, for all intents and purposes, a bathhouse. And I am not speaking figuratively. Cardinals, bishops, monsignors, priests, security guards, lay employees, Vatican Museum tour guides, it is a massive, massive network of sodomites, and the code of silence transcends political or ideological sides – or at least it used to. The reason that Bergoglio wields so much illegitimate power is because he, although probably a sodomite himself (I’ve received new information out of Buenos Aires – his private life was a deplorable scandal), is now willing, for the sake of his own lust for power, to leverage sodomitical and child abuse activity and blackmail people without hesitancy. This is a change, and THIS is why the Curia hates him. He isn’t observing the code of sodomitical Omertà, and they are all, every one of them, TERRIFIED that he will expose them, even though Bergoglio himself is also a pervert with a criminal past. And remember, even for the few prelates left that are not sodomites, they have all, every one, “not done enough” with regards to priests that were under their jurisdiction at one point or another.

We’ve all had beaten into our heads for our entire lives that “what people do behind closed doors is their business…” Now we are seeing why that is such a pernicious lie. The filthy, disgusting faggots, by doing their execrable deeds “behind closed doors” have constructed the very matrix of coercion and blackmail that is now being used to DESTROY THE CHURCH AND CAUSE COUNTLESS SOULS TO GO TO HELL.

I remember well being haughtily lectured to by a man that turned out to be one of the most notorious sodomites in the Vatican today, a man whose b**w**bs are called “a Vatican institution”, that it was mortal sin to even SUSPECT someone of sodomy or being a sodomite without – get this – videographic evidence. How convenient, so long as there is no video, AND the code of Omertà holds.

Do you now understand why Antipope Bergoglio put the “conservative” Pell in charge of “Vatican finances and economic reform”? As I have said many times, money laundering is huge, huge business in the Vatican. Pell was put in that role precisely because he was blackmailable and thus controllable. If Pell would get too close or actually threaten the money laundering business inside the Vatican, he could be permanently eliminated and utterly discredited easily. He has a built-in self-destruct switch. They all do. They would never have been elevated to the office of bishop, archbishop and Cardinal if they didn’t.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.