The Biggest Lie Pope Benedict XVI Has Told Is NOT That There Were No Black Cassocks….

No.  Not even close.  The biggest lie Pope Benedict XVI has publicly told is a lie so gargantuan that, like the “no black cassocks” lie which looks positively quaint by comparison, it must be assumed in charity to be a cry for help.

The biggest lie Pope Benedict XVI has told was to German journalist Peter Seewald, with whom he collaborated on his memoir, “Final Conversations”.  In this book, Pope Benedict XVI said that there was a “gay lobby” inside the Vatican of “FOUR or FIVE” people, and that he, Pope Benedict, successfully broke it up.

Ummm.  Yeah… NO.  Maybe four OUT OF five, but not four OR five.

I have read the Frederic Martel book, titled “Inside the Vatican Closet” in the U.S., but more pointedly, “Sodoma” in the rest of the world, which is, like most things today, an admixture of truth and lies.  I found it fascinating but not the least bit surprising that two of Martel’s main sources in Rome would be considered “far-right”:  Steve Bannon’s tragic fanboy and professional name dropper Benjamin Harnwell (who seems to have missed the news that Bannon is not only completely washed-up and exposed as a totally self-serving fraud, but so toxic in the U.S. that only 17 people including the campaign staffers showed up to a campaign rally for a congressional candidate in Kansas that Bannon “headlined” last fall – I guess Bannon’s eight-figure net worth from his Seinfeld rerun royalty stream covers a multitude of sins…), and Msgr. Francois Bacque, a retired nuncio (Vatican diplomat/ambassador) who learned the Tridentine Rite approximately five years ago, who personally installed the militant open sodomite Martel in two Vatican residences, and was instrumental in getting Martel even installed in an apartment inside the Vatican – with the help of Bacque’s friend, Msgr. Battista Ricca.  Ricca, you will remember, is the flaming sodomite who runs the Casa Santa Marta hotel AND is Antipope Bergoglio’s appointed liaison to the Vatican Bank, to whom Msgr. Bacque introduced Martel.  As I have been saying for years and years now in this space, Rome is a roiling scum-topped sea of faggotry, sacrilege, bitchery and lies, and the Vatican proper is a fully-functioning BATHHOUSE.  You couldn’t pay me to step foot inside St. Peter’s Basilica at this point, knowing what I know.  I’ve watched too many Fr. Ripperger lectures to not know how dangerous physical spaces where unspeakable acts of sacrilege go on, and filled with human demoniacs each surrounded by a retinue of demons, are.

The most credible sections of Martel’s book are Martel’s sojourns in Cuba and Latin America, wherein he reports that Pope Benedict finally realized while in Cuba in ARSH 2012 how utterly infiltrated and overrun the Curia and the global college of bishops was with sodomites that he despaired and resolved to try to quit (quite unsuccessfully, as it turned out by the Divine Providence), as he had done several times previously in his life.  Ratzinger fled the University of Tubingen in ARSH 1968 rather than stay and fight the Marxist student uprisings, and the heresies of men like Hans Kung, and Ratzinger also submitted his resignation from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to Pope JPII in April of ARSH 1997, requesting to be allowed to become the head of the Vatican Archives as a form of pre-retirement.  Pope JPII strenuously refused the resignation.  As one of Pope Benedict XVI’s longtime Bavarian friends said upon learning of his attempted resignation on 11 February ARSH 2013, “HE HAZ KVIT EVVYZING HE HAZ EVVA DUN!”

So, you see, the ginormous whopper that there were no black cassocks for him to wear, and the baldfaced lie that he had to quit because he couldn’t take the flight to Brazil for World Youth Day 2013 weren’t even close to the biggest lie he has told.  The biggest lie Pope Benedict XVI Ratzinger has told is:

“There was a gay lobby in the Roman Curia of four or five, but I managed to break up this power group….”

“Yeah, that’s the ticket!” or cry for help?  Either way, pray for Pope Benedict XVI, and for Holy Mother Church.

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