Watch and Learn: The NHS is the False, Neo-Pagan Religion that Replaced Christianity in the U.K.

This is what happens when you replace the One True Religion with a false religion.

I spoke about this in Episode #050 of the Barnhardt Podcast, but it bears repetition in writing.

The National Health Service (NHS) – the Socialist medicine juggernaut in the U.K., and, it should be mentioned, the single largest employer in the U.K., is ITSELF the “religion” that replaced Christianity (such as it was since the Anglican revolt, five centuries ago.) I had this explained to me last fall by Brits, and it certainly illuminated many, many things.

The U.K. is now totally lost in terms of being within the domain of Christendom.  The white, ethnic Brits, Welsh, Scots and most Irish are completely apostatized and living as pagans.  And, as we all know, the musloids are waging a full-on invasion of the British Isles, and the whole thing is now a quasi-territory of the Caliphate. The culture there, I have been told, is pretty much despicable on every level, and basically unlivable except for the incredibly rich.

Last year, I had occasion to be one degree separated from an interaction with the NHS in which a middle-aged person, a beloved friend, was being obviously passively euthanized by the NHS.  What brought about my understanding of “NHS as replacement religion” was the fact that NO ONE, including the friend’s family, would do anything to get the person out of the obviously murderous death-grip of the NHS.  I was doing everything I could from my location (obviously NOT in the U.K. – shudder) to get an evacuation plan established.  Medivac air ambulance contacts, contacts for the best hospitals west across the pond, etc.  And…nothing.  Only, “The NHS says everything’s okay and the tests show nothing…so…please change the subject.” Meanwhile, the person was dying. In agony.

It was explained to me that citizens of the U.K., including conservatives, basically view and relate to the NHS the way Christian people relate to The Church.  The NHS is the neo-pagan religion.  The hospitals are the replacement for church buildings.  The administrators are like the bishops.  The doctors are like priests.  The nurses are like religious (sisters). Obedience is required, and anyone who dare question this pagan religion, which is, by definition, the state religion, must be punished and ostracized. And since this neo-pagan religion’s sacrament is human sacrifice, human sacrifice WILL BE OFFERED.  It will be offered in the form of abortion, race-replacement (Pakistani for white), euthanasia, and now open, unhidden homicide as we are seeing with Alfie. It is considered the height of virtue in the U.K. to happily participate in this sickening neo-pagan cult of death.

One dynamic at work here is the fact that the British civilization is a totally defeated civilization.  And so, in order to keep any sort of delusion of self-dignity after having lost almost all of their territory and being incapable of defending themselves militarily, and apparently unable to defend their own daughters from musloid rape gangs, the Brits have decided to use their glorious socialized medicine paradigm as a proofset of how wonderful and superior their culture is. Deep down, just as with the Germans and the Scandinavians, the self-loathing is so intense as to be suicidal.

So, people in the U.K. will literally stand by and watch the NHS murder their friends and family, and then sing the praises of the NHS and defend it without question.  It is Stockholm Syndrome and Jonestown all rolled into one.

This is also a textbook, if not THE example par excellence of the extreme danger of a massive class of Beta Diabolical Narcissist bureaucrats.  Can you imagine how utterly purged of love a soul would have to be to work on a neo-natal intensive care ward, be with a little fellow like Alfie for months on end, along with his parents, and then physically grab an oxygen mask away from the parents, as happened earlier today?  Nevermind the completely irrational refusal to JUST LET ALFIE LEAVE.  Okay, so you don’t want to care for him? Fine.  There’s a chopper sitting on your helipad waiting to take him away – forever. Trust, he’ll NEVER be back. There’s a team of pediatricians sitting in the waiting room ready to take over and take full responsibility for him.  What possible motivation could there be other than diabolical SPITE in insisting that he stay and DIE?  As with so much in the psychology of Diabolical Narcissism, it is completely irrational.

Oh, and just in.  The judge overseeing this case, Anthony Hayden, is… wait for it… a SODOMITE.  Member of the Sodomite Barristers association.  And what have we learned about sodomites? Because the root pathology of all sexual perversion is Diabolical Narcissism, and DN is the self-purging of all love, DNs are INCAPABLE OF HUMAN EMPATHY.


I was struck at Mass both today and yesterday of the propers of the Mass for a Martyr in Eastertide, St. George being yesterday, and St. Fidelis today.  The Introit, from Psalm 63:

Thou hast protected me, O God, from the assembly of the malignant, alleluia: from the multitude of the workers of iniquity, alleluia, alleluia. Hear, O God, my prayer, when I make supplication the Thee: deliver my soul from fear of the enemy….

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.