Alfie Evans and the Lying, Murderous NHS

So here is what has happened over the past 36 hours in Liverpool, England with regards to little Alfie Evans and the socialist medicine juggernaut of the U.K., the National Health Service.

The NHS was giving Alfie sedative drugs which reduced his respiratory vigor, and thus necessitated breathing assistance.  The NHS lyingly claimed that Alfie was so severely brain damaged that his brain could not direct his body to breathe, thus he was beyond all hope and “should be euthanized – die with dignity”.  This was a total lie and the NHS knew it.  The NHS is a pack of murderous liars that kills people for sport.  They do it in order to get the rush of holding life-and-death power over human life.  Power. Power. Power.

So the NHS’s plan was to withdraw the sedative and then very shortly thereafter cease the mechanical breathing assistance, and JUST TO BE SURE to simultaneously administer to Alfie the respiratory suppressant drugs that are used in lethal injection executions.  This is plainly, obviously pre-meditated murder. When Alfie was dead, they would then claim that he was incapable of breathing on his own, when in fact they were going out of their way to chemically asphyxiate him.

But yesterday, the Italian State saved Alfie’s life by granting him citizenship, and then threatening murder charges against anyone who was complicit in this Mengele-esque plot.  The only reason why the NHS didn’t give Alfie the execution drugs after taking him off the respirator was the Italians’ threat of murder charges.

And, lo and behold, little Alfie, after coming off the respirator that he has been on for months, and shaking off the sedatives that he had likewise been on for months, started breathing on his own.  At first, the NHS refused to give him oxygen (being given oxygen is COMPLETELY NORMAL for people coming off a respirator), even though there were oxygen tanks literally feet away from Alfie in his room. Alfie’s family were told by the Italian doctors who are sitting in the waiting room to give Alfie mouth-to-mouth just in order to supplement his oxygen.  The NHS finally relented and now Alfie is getting a bit of oxygen supplement and the NHS is permitting him to be given water.

Now, consider how robust this little guy is to have survived being essentially cold-turkey withdrawn from a respirator.  You can tell by looking at him that he isn’t frail or emaciated.

The final, and most important thing to remember is that the NHS is a pack of liars.  The NHS’s claims that Alfie is “untreatable” can not be trusted in ANY WAY.  The NHS LIES, and lies with utter facility.  If Alfie is liberated from the NHS, don’t be at all surprised if the Italians, who actually have one of the most advanced healthcare systems in Europe, are able diagnose and even help Alfie in some way. I’m not saying that is definitely the case, I’m just saying don’t be surprised.  The bottom line is that the Italians are not foaming at the mouth murderers looking to kill this child in an act of human sacrifice to a totalitarian and ultimately satanic bureaucracy – but that is EXACTLY what the NHS is.

One final question: Where in the hell is the Queen of England, always purported to be a “devout Christian”?

“Oh, she mentioned Our Lord in her little Christmas address.  Look what a devout Christian she is!”

Like hell.

What the hell good is having this massively expensive paradigm of a monarchy in any form, if the monarch, who is also supposed to be “defender of the faith” (again, what a JOKE), can’t so much as pick up a telephone, or call a press conference and demand that the child be released?  Ah well, she must be very busy getting measured for the frock she is going to wear to the upcoming fake wedding of her grandson to that Jewish chap’s wife, Mrs. Rachel Engleson.

Anyway, keep praying, folks! This little tyke is blowing the lid off the NHS death cult before our very eyes.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.