NHS Liturgy at 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony

You think I’m engaging in hyperbole.  You think I’m making this stuff up. Like I have nothing better to do?  As long as there is a valid Mass being said, and, let’s be honest, bacon to be fried, I will ALWAYS have “something better to do”.



Might I especially draw your attention to the remarks of the color commentator at the 2:32 timestamp:

“The National Health Service, set up after World War Two, on a now-(something) principle: no society can call itself civilized if a sick person is denied medical aid because of lack of means.”

I’ll take my chances with a system that presents me with a bill, than with a bunch of utterly godless, utilitarian Diabolical Narcissist Psychopaths who get off on murdering people without consequence, and even to public accolade EVEN WITH FIRST WORLD NATIONS BEGGING TO OFFER NOT ONLY TREATMENT, BUT PERMANENT CITIZENSHIP.

NHS? “Great” Britain?  Two words. Seven letters, three of which are “f”.

Also, don’t miss the hidden camera footage of insiders in the NHS hospital in Liverpool admitting that the NHS is totally covering up something huge, and that they “have the numbers” to get Alfie out of there.  But, no one is willing to suffer (i.e. be arrested or lose their jobs).

Remember, folks, the NHS’s number one tactic is NOT ACTUALLY DIAGNOSING.  Just draw everything out until it is too late.  Don’t be surprised if they never actually did anything meaningful to diagnose Alfie’s condition and are terrified that as soon as the Italians or anyone else get a good look at the little chap, that their willful negligence will be exposed to the world.  As I remarked last year regarding my friend who was dying in agony in the U.K. last summer, “What the **** are they testing him for, PREGNANCY??”

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.