Sad Lesson: A “Bible-believing Evangelical Christian” Openly Chooses Eternal Damnation

This email came across the transom, and I put it here to show everyone how exactly it is that so many people that claim to be “devout, Bible-believing, Evangelical Christians” OPENLY, EASILY and IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS choose hell.  As in, right now, in real time. This is a glaring example of what Our Lord is talking about in Matthew 7 when He says:

“Not every one that saith to Me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven: but he that doth the will of My Father who is in heaven, he shall enter into the kingdom of heaven. Many will say to Me in that day: Lord, Lord, have not we prophesied in Thy Name, and cast out devils in Thy Name, and done many miracles in Thy Name? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from Me, you that work iniquity.”

That is one of the most terrifying passages in scripture.  “I never knew you: depart from Me.” When St. Paul said, “Work out your salvation in fear and trembling,” he wasn’t kidding.  The thought of Our Lord saying those words to us should fill all of us with fear and trembling. If they don’t then you need to ask yourself if you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  

Here is the email from a man in the central U.S. Emphases mine.

Hello Ann,

I’m one of your typical 58 years old, former military, married to the only woman for 38 years, father of three. I am very concerned for my kids and grandkids and do not like the direction we as a people are taking.

My parents attended the Church of the Nazarene and we were raised and baptized as Nazarenes. I’ve never attended a Catholic service or function other than a wedding and do not understand the Catholic traditions and teachings. You’re probably right about the antipope and state of affairs.

I’ve read your article “More Cutting the Crap: Humanae Vitae“, and had to research what Humanae Vitae was. I went back and read Genesis 38. My understanding is that God killed Onan’s brother for his wicked deeds. Juda ordered Onan to sleep with his sister in law and father his dead brother’s children. Onan disobeys the order and “spills his seed” on the floor. God kills Onan for this detestable act. Is this the source for your beliefs and statements?

If I understood correctly, the only time sexual relations are not a mortal sin is when a man and a woman engages in intercourse for the purpose of procreation. Any other activity between a man and a woman that does not introduce the ability to procreate is also a mortal sin, the same as homosexual sodomy. Is this right?

I’m having a hard time wrapping my brain around this. My beliefs are similar with the exception of heterosexual marriage. To form a union, love and honor each other for better or worse is a hard oath to keep. God made men in his own image, different than women. Just as I will never be able to understand how it feels to be pregnant, you will never understand what God instills in men when it comes to sex. There is no better gift from God than sex between married lovers and most people stay married because they are lovers.

So my wife and I have committed (too many to count) mortal sins and are going to hell. If that is the price we pay for loving and satisfying each other for all these years, at least we will be together.


The first thing we need to take from this is how truly shallow and superficial almost all Protestant sects really are.  Look at his statement, “God made man in His own image, different than women.” The words “God made man in his own image” refers, of course, to the fact that human beings are created by God with RATIONAL INTELLECTS. (Insert joke here about how women lack rational intellects – I can’t lob that grapefruit directly over the plate and expect you not to swing.) What this fellow is obliquely trying to argue is that the uncontrolled libido and concupiscence of the eyes that fallen mankind suffers from is somehow “in the likeness and image of God”. Wow.  Just…wow.

Next, we should note that for this man, the notion of the marital act being essentially linked to and requiring an openness to the transmission of life is a COMPLETELY FOREIGN NOTION.  This is probably the first time this fellow has heard about or thought seriously about this truth.  Folks, consider that up until just a few decades ago, EVEN ATHEISTS knew and affirmed that the marital embrace MUST be ordered to fecundity, and that once the life-transmitting aspect was intentionally thwarted, sexual perversion would be the result. I have posted this quote before, but it proves the point so well.  This is Sigmund Freud, the atheist-Jew father of “psychoanalysis”, a man who has done incalculable damage to humanity.  What does it say about our culture and so-called “Bible-believing evangelical Christianity” when wicked, warped Freud had a far, far better understanding of sexual morality than the Average Joe “conservative” Protestant?

“The abandonment of the reproductive function is the common feature of all perversions. We actually describe a sexual activity as perverse if it has given up the aim of reproduction and pursues the attainment of pleasure as an aim independent of it. So, as you will see, the breach and turning point in the development of sexual life lies in becoming subordinate to the purpose of reproduction. Everything that happens before this turn of events and equally everything that disregards it and that aims solely at obtaining pleasure is given the uncomplimentary name of “perverse” and as such is proscribed.”
-Sigmund Freud

Finally, and most terrifyingly, we need to hone in on the final paragraph of the man’s email.

“So my wife and I have committed (too many to count) mortal sins and are going to hell. If that is the price we pay for loving and satisfying each other for all these years, at least we will be together.”

My God, my God, have mercy.

You do realize that this man casually just stated, in writing, that he chooses sin, carnal pleasure and thus eternal damnation for both himself and his wife whom he claims to love so much, over God?  Further, consider the fact that this man is in his late 50s, and we presume his wife is of similar age, given that they have been married for 38 years.  This man’s wife is now naturally infertile.  For this couple to repent WOULD INVOLVE ABSOLUTELY NO CHANGE IN THEIR CURRENT MARITAL LIFE AND SITUATION WITH REGARDS TO THE POSSIBILITY OF CONCEIVING CHILDREN.  It isn’t as if we are talking about a young couple here, for whom repentance would probably involve conceiving, bearing and raising more children.  All that would be required in terms of their marital economy would be to acknowledge that they had sinned, and, reading between the lines, and yes I’ll say it, to stop engaging in oral sodomy, which has become almost ubiquitous in our fallen civilization.

But, no.  This man very casually states that sexual pleasure is higher than God Himself, and if God’s Law interferes with that in any way, then God is rejected totally and completely, and the man will happily go to hell WITH HIS WIFE, and be happy to do so. He casually and easily breaks the First Commandment because he refuses to obey the Sixth Commandment.

NON SERVIAM.  I will not serve.  This is the Luciferian motto, and look – LOOK at how easily and casually it is proclaimed by a man that the broad culture would consider a “conservative Christian”.

What this man needs to be told – and I did reply to his email – along with the rest of the world is the truth about hell.  IF this man and his wife both end up in hell, they will not only be of zero comfort to one another, but will, in fact, spend all of eternity RAGING AT EACH OTHER for being their partner in sin and vector of their damnation. There is no charity in hell.  There is no relationship in hell.  I will conclude with an excerpt from my essay, “Hell: So Much Worse Than You Can Possibly Imagine”.

I hope this helps.


What Hell Is Like

Now for the truly useful and spiritually profitable information.  If you have ever struggled to answer or explain to someone why it is that we should not sin, why it matters whether or not person A is having sex with person B, listen up, because this is life-changing information – information that could literally make the difference for you or someone you love between eternal bliss or eternal agony and torment.

The first reason we should not sin is because our sins offend God.  And because God loves us infinitely, it is perhaps more profitable to think of our offending God more as breaking His Heart.  Just as a parent who has a child that does drugs has their heart broken by that child’s actions that hurt himself, God, because His love for us is infinite and perfect, and because He is Perfect Good, is infinitely offended, or we could say has His Heart infinitely broken, by even the smallest of our sins. If you would like to read more about Fear of The Lord, might I suggest my ambiguously-titled essay, “THE ONE ABOUT… FEAR OF THE LORD.”

As with heaven, the modern conception of hell is extremely childish and inadequate.  Hell is not MERELY a hot place with fire and demons poking you with sticks. These conceptions of the torment and agony of hell are as woefully inadequate as the image of heaven as a very boring place with blue, sunny sky above with beatified souls reposing on white fluffy clouds, dreamily stroking harps whilst angels, depicted as pudgy, bewinged babies, flit about like agreeable houseflies.

I’m sorry, but what, exactly is so attractive about that ridiculous and banal image of heaven? And what is so awful about that image of hell?  Yeah, it sounds unpleasant, but it doesn’t exactly strike terror in one’s heart – especially not terror at levels sufficiently high enough to stop robust, well-formed lads and lasses in the flower of youth (or morbidly obese, arthritic octogenarians, for that matter) from fornicating with each other.

Let me describe to you what hell is like for fornicators.  I use fornicators as our first example because there are just so darn many.  Any sex outside of valid marriage is fornication, folks. No matter how much the parties in question might “love each other”. Post-western, post-Christian culture is AWASH in fornication.

In hell, we will be in close proximity to those people also in hell that we cooperated or engaged in sin with.  I suspect this would be because the damned are obsessed and consumed with hatred and rage, and thus damned humans themselves will gravitate towards those that they personally sinned with.  Obviously, fornicators will be in immediate proximity to each other.  And so, what hell will entail will be human souls raging at each other, screaming the most vile insults, profanities, and perhaps even physical attacks after the General Resurrection when ALL SOULS will be reunited to their bodies. Why? Because the partner in fornication was a full cooperator in the mortal sin that presumably resulted in the eternal damnation, and thus the fornicators will hate and blame each other for their own damnation.

I received an email from a woman not long after I first wrote about this.  She had a boyfriend, as most gals today do at some point.  They were very average American 20-somethings.  They were in a steady relationship, lived in separate houses, but fornicated regularly.  They were attracted to each other, loved each other, got along well and there was no history of fighting, and certainly no abuse.  The woman told me in this email that she started exploring religion, reading up, and settled into serious study of Catholicism and Catholic moral teaching.  Obviously, her fornication with her boyfriend began to nag at her conscience until she finally acknowledged that she had to stop having sex outside of marriage.

The day arrived when she finally had to talk to her boyfriend, explain what she had learned, and tell him that it was very important that they stop having sex.  She did not want to end the relationship – just stop having sex until marriage.

Up until that point, their relationship had been smooth with no major fights – they got on very well, and the boyfriend treated her well.  She fully expected that they were on the path to marriage.  There was never even the slightest hint of abuse or disrespect in the modern sense (I qualify that because the act of fornication itself is a sign of massive disrespect, but you know what I’m trying to convey).

The last words she heard her boyfriend say to her were bellowed at her in a screaming rage as she quickly left his house in fear, after explaining to him that the Church teaches that fornication is a mortal sin and that it was important to stop having sex until they were married: “YOU F***ING C***! YOU F***ING C***!”

This sort of rage – seemingly out of the blue and unthinkable to her just a few minutes before it happened – was a foretaste of hell.  It was a foretaste of the deep, raging hatred that humans who cooperate and enable sin with others feel, and if they don’t repent and die in their sin, will spend all eternity drowning in.  And folks, no human being will take hell “stoically”.  All of us who end up damned will rage eternally.  We will rage at God, we will rage at the angels and saints in heaven, we will rage at all of the other humans in hell, and we will rage at the demons.  The other humans in hell and all of the demons will spend eternity raging right back at us.

This is what fornicators, sodomites, heck EVERYBODY MUST be told.  If you do not stop this, you will spend eternity RAGING at this person that you claim to love.  And they will spend eternity RAGING at you.

I am blessed to have observed/experienced demoniacal, hellish human rage like this more than once in my life.  I have seen the faces of people I love twist and contort into a countenance still recognizable, but yet completely “other”. I have seen eyes blazing with rage and hatred of me, with what can only be described as the fire of hell behind them.  I have seen the lips curl back, exposing the teeth as fangs. I have been raged at by people I love for merely existing, and I thank God for it because it was the gift of experiencing a foretaste of hell. And it was something much better than a vision – because it was real.  It is a spiritual insight of the highest and gravest importance.

If you have never experienced this, pray God you never do, and thank God that you can be aware of it from my third-party description. And pray God that you be saved from hell, because hell will be an unending, ever-increasing orgy of rage.  And what is perhaps most terrifying about this is that those who are damned will be exactly the same species of rage monster that others are to them.  As terrifying as it is to think of someone you love raging at you for all eternity, what is even worse is the thought of you yourself raging forever at the people you “love”.  Do you love your kids?  Well, if you don’t make it to heaven, you will spend eternity hating your kids.  And make no mistake, the damned rage at EVERYONE, whether they are in hell with them, or in heaven.  There are no alliances, no friendships, no family.  Everyone is alone in the way that the Diabolical Narcissists among us are alone. They are islands, utterly cut-off from others by their freely chosen self-purgation of all love.

So even if you end up damned, but everyone you have ever loved makes it to heaven, because you are damned and they are not, you will hate them for their beatitude.  You will spend eternity in hell looking up towards the heaven which you will never, ever see, and cursing all those in it.  And the people you “loved” most in the world, will be the people that you hate most when you are in hell. If they are in hell with you, you will blame them for your damnation.  If they are in heaven, you will hate them for their beatitude (remember the demonic emotional palate: anger, hated, ENVY and fear), and for not doing more in life to prevent your own damnation.

Let me say that again, because it is extremely important:  the people you “loved” most in the world, will be the people that you hate most when you are in hell. We should all be motivated by this.

Fornicators in hell will hate their sex partners.
Parents in hell will hate their children.
Children in hell will hate their parents.
Friends in hell will hate their friends.
Priests in hell will hate their flock.
Catholics in hell will hate their priests, bishops and popes.
Spouses in hell will hate their spouse.
Everyone in hell will hate God.

The Last Judgment, Detail, Fra Angelico, ARSH 1425, Church of San Marco, Florence

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