Barnhardt Podcast #044: Dividing and Conquering Church Traditions with Modernist Bee-Ess

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In this episode we discuss the antics and power politics in play between Rome and the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association (CPCA)**, especially the significance of the current Roman Bishop in White ordering a duly-appointed Bishop in China to step down in favor of an excommunicated, schismatic member of the CPCA. As long as a given tactic of Satan works he will continue to use it, and the “divide and conquer” tactic is one that has worked all too well throughout human history. We also discuss how “Divide et Impera” has played out in the Church Militant from Apostolic times through the current day, with an emphasis on the formation and early history of the Society of Saint Pius X and what is currently known as Traditional Catholicism.

**Yes, SuperNerd got the name of the ersatz Catholic Church in China wrong twice… and he’s chagrined and embarrassed about that.

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